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PR: Yak Ballz - Gas Galaxy (Phase 1)
Posted by Steve Juon at Friday, January 28th, 2011 at 2:00PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From Yak Ballz:

PR: Yak Ballz - Gas Galaxy (Phase 1)

The time is finally here and the plan is underway. For a while now I have been talking about the progress of the Gas Galaxy album; writing/producing for what seems like an eternity with my partner Chapter 7. Well, we are in the final stages of it’s completion.  HOWEVER, as the times change every day as we know it, so does everything from marketing a project to the way music is released.

So with a great deal of thought and deliberation, we (Chapter 7, Oliver Cartwright, and myself) have decided to bring you the Gas Galaxy LP over the span of this entire year.  We will be doing an online only release via of one new song per month from Gas Galaxy for the  for the rest of 2011 starting now in January.

yes ONE SONG PER MONTH FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR! It will not only allow us to focus and put our energy into each song every month as they individually deserve it, but to give YOU something to put in rotation on your monthly playlists with video’s and other cool additions surrounding the music to look out for all year long.  By the end of the year you will have the first phase of the album in it’s entirety.  Ultimately we will release it officially for purchase in the second phase with swagged out remixes and even more new songs.

Each song release will be accompanied by new and exclusive artwork by Oliver Cartwright; the man responsible for the art behind our latest leak, Machine, as well as original art for The Compass and the creator behind the innovative music video for it. Think of it as a visual for every track that will stand on it’s own and will also connect as part of the big picture to tell a story as it progresses with the music to the end.

To kick things off proper, tomorrow January 27th, we will be releasing the first song of many from the album.  The song is titled DSMU and will be available for free download here at!

We have created this mailing list to notify you of events, updates on the song-releases, and when they are made available for download.  Spread the word, share the music, and be a part of it as this thing would not be possible without you and your help.  

This is a very exciting time for me to be able to release these songs the way I want to with such talented people in my corner. I’d like to thank everyone who has supported the music throughout and this project in advance. If you are a label rep, have a serious business inquiry, or publishing company interested in officially releasing or licensing music from this project please inquire within at

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