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Free EP: Ace Reporter - "Sleepyhead"
Posted by Steve Juon at Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 at 2:00PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From Audible Treats:

Free EP: Ace Reporter - "Sleepyhead"

Brooklyn Artist Releases Acoustic EP Culled From Song-a-Day Project

The Music:

“In 2010, I wrote 365 songs. In 2011, I will play them for you.”

So says Brooklyn’s Ace Reporter, who recently completed the herculean task he set out for himself in 2010 – writing and recording an original song every day of the year. Whereas most people may complain about the routine of their daily lives, Ace took the rigorous routine of the threesixfive project in stride. “It was something I poured myself into,” says Ace. “It became a journal of my physical and mental state. I wrote songs in odd places. I wrote songs when I was tired, buzzed, and caffeinated. Some I wrote with a clear idea of what I wanted, others with no premeditation at all.”

With the threesixfive project now complete, Ace is now releasing a series of free EP’s that feature various handpicked tracks from his sonic repository. Guitar-based rock set the tone for December’s Untouched and Arrived EP, while January saw the release of the electro-laced Lean Honey Lean EP. Today Ace is excited to present the Sleepyhead EP, an introspective collection of stripped down acoustic songs. "My Little Love" holds the honor of being the first ever song recorded for the threesixfive project. Its delicate guitar strums dance over Ace’s layered vocal harmonies and declarations of long-distance devotion. Violins weave through the plaintive "If I See You Again" and the hungover "Into Chicago", whereas "No Planes" finds playful chimes juxtaposed with Ace’s frustration at being stranded at home by an unrelenting winter storm. Title track "Sleepyhead" is a love song whose tender lyrics float above the whispers of Ace’s guitar. Says Ace, “My girlfriend and I had a late night out. The next morning, I sat down to write "Sleepyhead" while she was still asleep, so the performance is really delicate because I was trying hard not to wake her. That quiet vibe really worked well.” Join Ace Reporter on his auditory journey and download the Sleepyhead EP for free today.

Download the Sleepyhead EP: .

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