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Wordsmith's Guerilla Marketing Blog Part 3
Posted by Steve Juon at Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 at 5:00PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

Wordsmith-The Indie Grind: Guerilla Marketing Blog Part 3

I hope artists, fans, and industry heads are enjoying my Guerilla Marketing blogs. I seek to enlighten the unsigned artists while keeping my fans up to date with my progress in the game. Sooooooooooo, with that said lets get things crackin.' I am going to touch on creating awareness for a mixtape on the internet. Rather then hitting every website up, I hit the one's that get a lot of traffic on a daily basis. Now, this is no disrespect to certain sites, but its just apart of the business side of things. Still, one thing I know about the net is when you drop projects online they get heavily bootlegged, so it will end up on a ton of sites regardless. In a month or so if you google your project, you will see it made its way to foreign sites and sometimes people will take your project and post it on, which is a free mixtape site to upload your projects. The key to this again is getting your mixtape on some major sites that get a lot of traffic.

I totally believe in getting a major site to sponsor your mixtape rather then a big DJ as well. I mean think about this, a major website gets millions of visitors a day and they cover all aspects of Hip-Hop. A major DJ is basically carrying your project off of name recognition, which isn't bad, but it won't touch people as quick as a website. I would advise trying to get the best of both worlds like my mixtapes and get a major site and a mid to high-level DJ to back it. That way you're grabbing the internet fans as well as the street crowd. Make sure you get a cover that really sticks out as well, the mixtape game is very saturated and believe it or not, your cover could be the difference in extra downloads. Small details like this also decide who really takes pride in their work or just wants to get a project out.

Once you have taken care of the following things you need to start a build up to your mixtape. About a month before the project drops you want to start dropping a few tracks on the major HipHop sites, Bloggers, E-mail blasts, and anything else that will create a presence on the net. I would say drop a new track every two weeks leading up to the mixtape and it might even be smart to drop two tracks a piece every two weeks with a final drop on the actual release date. I learned that it is wise to keep the listeners attention and avoid big gaps leading up to your release. I think song selection is important as well because people have a tendency to listen to the beginning of projects more then the back end and sometimes if you're trying to tell a cohesive story, some of your better tracks may be towards the end. To combat that I would drop some of those later tracks, but only if you feel they are potent and will do some damage on the net. It doesn't hurt to get a few features either, but I would suggest getting your closest peers. Is it bad to get a signed artist on your mixtape? No, but for a mixtape release on the net it's not worth the time, maybe money, or struggle to get vocals. Try networking with other unsigned artists who are working hard and making some noise because they will more then likely help you promote your mixtape. They need as much press as possible, so they will down for the cause.

Finally, I think it's a great idea to add something unique to your project. A staple with my mixtapes is my clothing sponsor, Vintage Limited, puts a 10% coupon in the free download folder of all my mixtapes. It helps both parties when you add another dimension to your project and give the consumer something extra for supporting your work. I'm not saying copy what I do because you need to find your own path, but rack your brain, think of your connections, and see who can help you on the merchandise tip.





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