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PR: JA-MAL the Scholar of Hip Hop
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From ArtistPR:

JA-MAL the Scholar of Hip Hop

JA-MAL THE SCHOLAR; the name given to the Detroit rapper by his musical colleagues, takes his title seriously. A long time friend gave the native Detroiter this name because of his lyrical versatility, content, and vocabulary. Inspired by and associated with the word usage of his musical idol Tupac Shakur, JA-MAL THE SCHOLAR took this compliment to heart and forever strives to embody the true meaning of a revolutionary emcee. Tupac touched the heart of the listener with raw emotion. Wrong or right, he spoke from the heart and not always just to entertain. This is the core of JA-MAL's music. Purpose.

He began to write and rap at age 9 and in the 3rd grade, was given a poetry assignment for which he received an A+. Like most kids would, he brought it home to show his mother, excited about the grade and not the words written. His mother read it and made such a big deal about the word play he considered it a premonition. His love for music grew as he progressed through puberty, honing his skills by rapping along with the albums his older brother brought home every pay day. He did this religiously in an effort to perfect his delivery. Back then, he didn’t understand the importance of hip hop and how it one day would consume his life. He would often quit rapping and vow never to return to another studio. Still, he would find himself back in front of the microphone time after time.

Realizing he has no other choice than music because of a higher calling to an infinite audience, he's taken his passion for hip hop to another level musically, lyrically, and mentally. Feeling like he is in too deep to quit, he is finally ready to appeal to an audience that craves true lyrical content over bass driven hip hop beats. He's often told by people who don't like or listen to rap music that they love his sound. One reason being the noticeable lack of profanity. Another is the music behind his words from mostly Rue Wade; with other selections from Profit and DJ Swift. Also, having mothers tell him his music is something they allow their children to listen to proves he'll one day cater to a much larger audience than most. When one possesses a large vocabulary, curse words become only a guilty pleasure for the lyricist and have a much greater effect.

His music is based on his life; things he loves, hates, has done, seen, wants to do, will do, wishes he could do, and his perceptions of God. His other musical influences include The Wu-Tang Clan, Ras Kass, NAS, and the entire Motown catalog along with the rest of the black music from that generation. Besides calling his music soulful hip hop, he generally prefers to let people describe it to him after they hear it. He feels his physical disadvantage is no detriment to his stage presence because he, in his own words, "sounds exactly like he does on wax".

Currently signed to Carpe Diem Music Group, headed by Emmanuel Scheafe and John Hollywood in association with Famous Records Corporation, he released an album commercially in February 2010 entitled "SOCIAL STUDIES". Distributed by Universal, SOCIAL STUDIES is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and just about anywhere else music can be downloaded. He is also a member of the Rhyme Cartel and has many performances throughout the metro Detroit area on his resume, dating from 2005 to 2007.

The legendary music executive Al Bell sums it all up with this: "If we can't make him a star we shouldn't be in the business!" His music has been picked up by several internet stations and he has been a featured artist on Detroit Riot Radio. Thanks to his phenomenal publicist Rein Child, he is also beginning to establish a presence on major FM radio.

His current single, “I Feel Good All Over” and “Moscato” featuring Charles “Gator” Moore can be heard daily on: .

Single: 'Moscato' .

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