Monday May 21, 2018

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Video: Cassettes Won't Listen And Bisco Smith Form The Freeze Tag

(April - Brooklyn, NY) The Freeze Tag, the newly formed duo of Los Angeles-based producer Cassettes Won't Listen and Brooklyn MC Bisco Smith, is happy to announce the release of Hamster Kid, a five-track concept EP and animated musical collaboration brought together with the help of world-renowned street artist Bishop 203 and director Mike Vidoli. Hamster Kid will be released May 3, 2011 through The Freeze Tag's collective label, Daylight Curfew.

In a genre where bravado and #swag is slang du jour, an antihero like Hamster Kid is rarely heard from, let alone as the driving force behind a multi-media based concept project. For CWL and Bisco, who began writing and recording music together in the summer of 2010, who have been creating boundary pushing music together and apart for years, the idea came naturally, and Hamster Kid emerged as an unlikely superhero, an everyman's underdog who, as the duo states, "fights to stay true to himself while overcoming pressures from peers, naysayers, and society at large."

A true concept project, the five-track EP tells a full story, beginning with Hamster Kid's escape from an underground corporate complex ("The Voices" and "The Shuffle"), finding solace and strength in the optimism of the big city ("The Vision"). Inspired by the rediscovery of self-awareness and aspirations that had escaped him, Hamster Kid mounts his rooftop launch pad, making his leap away from the restrictions and limitations that once ruled his life and toward the outer expanses of the freedom he strives for ("The Flight"). "If there's one thing to be taken from the story of Hamster Kid," explains Bisco, "it is to find what you love, chase that love, and figure out a way to make it your life."

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