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CookBook (of LA Symphony) Serves Up Original Recipes Mixtape
Posted by Steve Juon at Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 at 12:00PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From Ballin' PR:

CookBook (of LA Symphony) Serves Up Original Recipes Mixtape

CookBook, who is one of the founding members of the legendary independent hip-hop group L.A. Symphony, will be releasing his latest solo album, Original Recipes, July 12th on ASB Records. In anticipation of Original Recipes he’s teamed up with DJ Revolution of The World Famous Wake Up Show to create the Original Recipes Mixtape, which he’ll be hitting listeners with on May 10th. The mixtape features a collection of some of CookBook’s best work to date mixed, chopped, cut, and blended by one of hip-hop’s most talented turntablists.
There’s a certain musical excellence fans have grown to expect from the artists who are under the L.A. Symphony umbrella. The group produced the likes of Pigeon John, and CookBook’s solo work, including 2009’s I Love The 80’s, and his work with UNO Mas, including last year’s Cook & UNO release C+U Music Factory, has shown CookBook to be the next in line from the crew to make an impact worldwide.
CookBook’s style features top notch lyricism, mixed with wit and personality, over his own production. The results of this are songs that can be appreciated by underground hip-hop heads while still being accessible to mainstream fans. This is one of the reasons DJ Revolution wanted to team up with him for the Original Recipes Mixtape. “CookBook's music is needed in this time,” he explains, “it's a breath of fresh air in hip-hop. He can do all the hard, tough guy raps, but chooses to make the music fun for the listener and relatable at the same time.”
Fans of CookBook’s music know that no topic is ever off the table. He explores a broad range of emotions, touching on everything from relationships, to success, to vision, to enduring the ups and downs of the industry, and he does so with an energy that is unmatched in today’s music scene.
California hip-hop heads have loved what CookBook’s served up to them for the past decade-plus. Now it’s time for everyone to get a taste of his Original Recipes.
Download Original Recipes Mixtape HERE!

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