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PR: L.A. Magazine Seeks Producers For "Give Me a Beat" Issue
Posted by Steve Juon at Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 at 5:00PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From Nancy B:

L.A. Magazine Seeks Producers For "Give Me a Beat" Issue

“GIVE ME A BEAT”, is the newest theme TRUE Magazine is assembling for their next issue due out 5/31/11. This theme is to showcase the hard work of all producers that makes those head nodding Hip Hop beats.

April 20th 2011 – TRUE Magazine’s creative team sat and came up with something that hasn’t been done before in Hip Hop in a long time since Scratch magazine shut down. What is that? Give the shining light to producers who works hard and long hours to assist the artists create those hits. Now-A-Days it’s all about the beat. If your beat is knocking 8 times out of 10 your song will be a hit. TRUE Magazine has will be sitting assembling this issue looking for the hottest producers in the business.

The direction of the stories is going to be about the creativity it takes to make new sounds, getting the beats to the right artists, and the business side every producer should know.

It is going to be hard choosing a cover for this issue because there are so many hot producers out there that deserve their light on their work but we have narrowed it down to a good 5 producers. To get in TRUE Magazine’s “Give Me A Beat” issue email with your bio and discography of who you did production for and your contact info.  Deadline for all inquires 5/20/11

About TRUE Magazine

TRUE Magazine has positioned itself as The Missing Link In Independent Hip Hop & Fashion. Making TRUE the Independent Hip Hop Lifestyle Bible of the streets. Focusing on giving Independent companies a voice that can be heard across the Hip Hop community. By being committed to the Independent Hip Hop community we get the chance to showcase tomorrow's mainstream stars first, giving our readers, their voice, image and story. Twelve Years in pushing Independent Hip Hop has put TRUE Magazine into its own orbit reaching more than just readers but a movement of Independent people that changes the way we listen to music, dress, speak and live. .

Out Reach –

40,000 printed copies / 7,320 print subscribers

167,580 Monthly Digital & Mobile Views / 200,000 E- mail Listed Subscribers

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