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Free Music Friday is back after a long long break. What can I say...gas prices were high? Since the recession is still going strong and while Obama will bring change, he like won't be lowering the price of a CD you can look here for some free music sure to keep money in your pocket for the upcoming holidays:

Lil Wayne - Dedication 3:

Even the mixtape game is hurting as Lil' Wayne would rather give away his latest in the legendary Dedication series. Fans and haters alike should find some rewind worthy material on this one. Ludacris and ATCQ Mixes:

As a warm up to the Q-Tip and Luda albums, SOHH released a few mixes in conjunction with DJ Shakim. This is true mixing with one long track so you actually buy the album if you like the artist. presents F-Action 52 - OG Ron C:

We need to head down south for second and hit up my favorite southern rap store/site. Sosouth usually has something free for download to hear what's new in southern rap. All you Screwheads can check out the latest F-Action mixtape for free - R&B screwed and chopped is an acquired taste but for free it's worth a try.

DJ Geometrix - Live Mixes (VA):

Coming back up to... the south? Never quite know what to classify the DC/VA/MD area. Either way, this man uploads his live sets from club night and it sounds pretty tight if you need some amped music mixes. Word to the wise though - you better LOVE it before you even think of putting a ring on it.

Wordsworth - Free Mixtape:

Wordsworth has hooked up with HipHopDX yet again for another free mixtape. Will someone help this dude drop an album already?

Charles Hamiltion - FREE MIXTAPES:

This dude has tons of free mixtapes to go with the tons of buzz he's been developing lately. I've heard a lot of good, but along with guys like 88keys and Asther Roth he's been on my listen list for a while. Beat me to the punch and score some cool points.


Speaking of next big thing - THIS DUDE IS THE TRUTH! Seriously. If you heard him steal the show on T.I.'s "Paper Trail" you know this already, but if not go and download now! His CD isn't out until next year, but he's dropped plenty of free mixtapes which I have MADE the time to listen to. He's that tight. GO! NOW!

Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes - EVERY DAMN BODY:

You might as well bookmark these dudes - they have weekly mixtapes with everyone, their mamas, and their mama's dead grandmother's cousin twice removed. Seriously, if you don't find something you like in the mix you probably don't like rap.

Nipsey Hu$$le - Bullets Ain't Got No Name Vol. 2:

This is a new West Coast cat co-signed by Koch. Yes, I am aware Koch has cosigned some wack stuff, but it's better than a new West-Coast cat cosigned by the block, the hood, and the streets. Heard he's kind of tight though - let me know.

Ca$his & DJ Noodles - All Eyez On Me:

Apparently Eminem isn't the only Shady/Aftermath fellow prepping a new album...or should I say prepping a first album? It's been a long time since that EP so hopefully the album will come out...soon.

Stat Quo - The South Got Somethin to Say:

Speaking of Shady/Aftermath - or should it be shady Aftermath? All I know is that Stat was once the top prospect and now he's not even on the team. The man keeps hustling and keeps fans happy with free music.

Well that's it for now! 11 links with probably close to 30 mixtapes? I think that's enough til next week. If you digest that in a week I will personally shout you out and give you your own section in FMF - I can see it now:

Too Much Free Time's Recommendation of the Week

Til Next Week!

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