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White Rapper Show Recap
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The following contains spoilers so if you'd rather check out one of VH1's many reruns during the week you can skip this one.

After a brief recap of last week (when Persia was finally sent home), you get to see the 3 remaining emcees discussing the new level of "competitiveness" that is in the house now that it's down to 3. I honestly would like to have seen much more passion and hostility between the emcees to show they're hungry. Of note is a segment when Jus Rhymes gets notifed he lost his fellowship at USC because of his involvement with the show- OUCH! - this kid needs a serious reality check when it comes to his skills.

This week the rappers head to Detroit, hometown of the ultimate white emcee, and get to stay in a trailer park. First, they get a tour of Detroit with stops at The Hip Hop Shop (immortalized by Proof's "I Miss The Hip Hop Shop"), a visit to Kid Rock in a pool hall, and finally a stop at Psycopathic Records with the Insane Clown Posse. As always, the show surprises with pretty decent artists making cameos.

The first competition is an Eminem trivia challenge where once again the show makes the most out of their low budget. After a series of easy multiple choice questions (easy because only one answer usually makes sense), John Brown ends up winning and gets a night in a suite at some hotel. He invites Shamrock along to which Jus Rhymes replies "I took you along to meet Nore but it's all good."

Next day MC Serch makes the rappers practice battling since their final challenge is to battle in famed St. Andrews halls. All come mostly weak, but it's expected from the group of underperformers. Forward to the challenge and all get embarrassed at St. Andrews. Shamrock can barely put lines together and towards the end just gives up after he spirals into a simplistic one syllable rhyme scheme. Jus Rhymes spits his lines out like they're hot but they fail to move the crowd. Oddly enough, Jus Rhymes disses focus on calling out the other guy for being a snitch and a cop - and we thought this guy was above the street lingo. Finally, John Brown shows up with his always absent flow and spits a few lines. While it is obvious their Detroit battle adversaries didn't come with their A-game they blew these dudes out the water.

The show ends where the last one began as Jus Rhymes gets sent home and promises to work hard to pay for the remainder of his schooling.

Til next week where the next great white rapper gets crowned...

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