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Avi Does Santogold
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November 7, 2008

Has the rise of the remix meant the collapse of covers? Avi Fox-Rosen, the folk slingin-americana-song-writer, doesn't think so. In his latest release, Fox-Rosen recreates "Creator," Santogold's searing dancefloor cut that nudges tired styles to the side and extols originality.

Brooklyn based singer/songwriter/guitarist Avi Fox-Rosen is quickly emerging as a distinctive voice in music. Fox-Rosen's two full-length records: "One" and "The Amazing Frozen String Quartet" show the breadth and depth of his song craft and bring the return of true Americana music. The records span a huge range of sounds, textures, emotions, and settings. Ringing acoustic guitars collide with majestic string quartet arrangements; a lilting falsetto is offset by lap steel feedback; poetic musings are painted in simple melodies, rich textures, and danceable grooves.

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Avi Fox-Rosen, the folk slingin-americana-song-writer, with tabla and gamelan percussion plus strings replaying Santo Gold's "Creator" inna world-psych style.

Opting not to reassemble the hit from an a cappella and split studio tracks, Fox-Rosen runs his own plays with the vocals and calls on musical pals to add their own interpretations. He brought in multi-instrumental percussionist Jonathan Singer who layers frenetic tabla and gamelan hits with Benjy Fox-Rosen's cello and Balinese horns. The result is more East Village in the late 60s than Brooklyn in the 00s, recalling a time when George Benson recorded a jazz guitar cover of Abbey Road in the album's entirety... in the same year the Beatles released their original.

Avi Fox-Rosen's "Creator" recasts what remakes can be. He brings disparate sounds together in a way that challenges the listener while remaining pleasant, and the comparison with Santogold's original quickly transitions into the realization that this cover does indeed exist unto itself.

It's more East Village in the 60s than Brooklyn today, so dig.

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