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PR: GR King Louis Releases "Biorhythm"
Posted by Steve Juon at Friday, May 13th, 2011 at 4:00PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From ArtistPR:

GR King Louis Releases "Biorhythm"

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           With a unique and smooth delivery, G.R. King’s new highly anticipated and hyped album, Biorhythm, brings a style that is unique and fresh to the hip-hop world.

            G.R., who has already taken the music world by storm, takes pride in his unique beats. He is a trendsetter and go-getter pursuing success with a ferocity that is rarely seen, even in the highly competitive music industry.

               “I have no interest in being a run-of-the mill rap artist,” G.R. explains. “I feel that my music, and my artistic vision, will explain where I come from. I feel that music is a universal language, and I try to explain the way I see the world through my eyes so that everyone will easily understand it.”

               G.R. expresses multiple layers of his personality by delivering several different types of messages and styles. His artistic vision is conveyed to the fullest when he steps behind the mike and drops a ‘hot verse’ with a high level of passion, energy, and emotion.

               In addition to his unique delivery, G.R. takes pride in his ability to make and produce several unique beats that have turned the world of hip-hop upside down. Using a combination of sample beats and instrumentals, G.R. does several collaborations with

               G.R., who was born and raised in the steely and industrial city of Peoria, Ill., talks about his experiences from a global perspective while still finding the delicate balance of maintaining his musical roots.

               From writing music about the fast paced Hollywood lifestyles, to rapping about serious subjects about love and loss, there isn’t a subject that G.R. is afraid to tackle. The Biorhythm cd is highly autobiographical and revealing of the mysterious life and times of G.R.  It is presented and told with a unique sound and delivery only G.R. can attain.

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