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Delicious Vinyl Releases The Pharcyde "Bobby Evans Mix"
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From Justin K:

Head-Blowing Forty Track CD Unites Hip Hop Greats With Today's Freshest DJ

The Pharcyde
Bobby Evans Mix
Delicious Vinyl Records
In stores now!

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Time to break out the Yo Mama snaps, page Quinton, and recognize you can't keep Runnin' Delicious Vinyl presents The Pharcyde Bobby Evans Mix.

The Pharcyde are one of the most beloved and iconoclastic groups in hip hop history. On the still-savory strength of their two Delicious Vinyl albums (1992's Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde and 1995's Labcabincalifornia), the original line-up of Imani, Bootie Brown, Fatlip and SlimKidTre reunited to electrify 2008's Rock The Bells festival.

Bobby Evans is the DJ half of Brother Reade, the fast-rising L.A. duo lauded for 2007's Rap Music LP. Having masterminded Delicious Vinyl 20th Anniversary MiXXtape, Evans is currently an in-demand remixer, with Telepathe and Neon Neon among those sweating his services.

Which brings us to The Pharcyde Bobby Evans Mix, a forty-track opus that's less a known-quantity megamix than it is a funhouse full of trap doors, hidden passages, and swirlascopic secrets...licensed to thrill both seasoned Pharcyde fans and neophytes alike.

Bobby Evans: "With this mix I had complete access to the Pharcyde's full catalog. I was playing with the idea of doing this mix strictly chronologically but in the end I didn't want to pin it down like that. Instead I trawled through ever nook and cranny and came up with a playlist of which songs I wanted to use and how I wanted them to flow. Then I started figuring out ways of working in the more esoteric bits and pieces I found, so that instead of just a continuous mix of Pharcyde records there are interviews and live versions phasing in and out. It gives the mix as a whole more peaks."

Ever wonder what it would've sounded like if legendary Dust Brothers mentor Matt Dike, after making Paul's Boutique, had produced The Pharcyde? Here Bobby Evans drops Dike's never-commercially-released mix of "Ya Mama". Intrigued by rare interview snippets of Fatlip talking about the creation of "Passin' Me By"? Yes indeedy. How about Ice-T (who, believe it or not, did shows with The Pharcyde), speaking on how to, ahem, handle overexcited female fans, as the mix transitions into the Pharcyde's on-topic "Groupie Therapy"? Check, check, and triple check.

Anyone who ever dug the Pharyde's self-deprecating humor, romantic odes, and orgiastic smutspeak will not be disappointed. "The Pharcyde's lyrics are incredible," says Bobby Evans. "Mixing these records, I really felt how they were finding their own place in L.A.'s hip hop scene of the early to mid-'90s. It was great working with multiple versions of these songs. I was able to mix in four versions of Runnin, four versions of Passin' Me By, and five versions of Soul Flower!"

As a DJ/producer from the ProTools generation, Bobby Evans marvels at the '90s sound of the Pharcyde's records: "The limitations of the technology back then defines the sound. J-Swift's loops are heavily layered, his breaks utilize live drums sounds. Everything was on tape and all the sequencing had to be done on whatever equipment they happened to have. There's a looseness and a flow to the music that you seldom find on today's rigidly programmed rap records. So the fact that I was just a kid when these records first came out made putting this mix together was an incredible experience."

The Pharcyde Bobby Evans Mix is guaranteed to get, in the words of The Pharcyde themselves, "the girls by the hearts and the n****s by the nuts, ear, tongue and butts."


1. Devil Music (Intro)
2. Soul Flower (TBNH Version)
3. Soul Flower (Remix)
4. Soul Flower (2 Tha 3 Mix)
5. Soul Flower (Dogs B*ll*cks)
6. Soul Flower (Wrong Tree)
7. Oh Sh!t
8. Return Of The B-Boy
9. All Live
10. Ya Mama (Kenny Dope Remix)
11. I'm That Type Of N*gga
12. I'm That Type Of N*gga (Straight Up Faded Mix)
13. Officer
14. Ya Mama (Remix)
15. Ya Mama
16. Ya Mama (Matt Dike Remix)
17. Quinton's On The Way
18. Pack The Pipe (Mr. Gib Remix)
19. Pack The Pipe
20. Otha Fish (The Angel Mix)

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