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MP3: Natural - "Seeya Later"
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From Major Music:

MP3: Natural - "Seeya Later"

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After years of standing by as a spectator, a fan and avid lover of Hip-Hop, Natural, also known in many circles as Nasty Nat, felt it was no longer enough just to listen. A writer his entire life, Natural had produced various forms of storytelling through many different mediums. From novel writing to screenplays, poetry classes to philosophy groups, Nat always felt the need to share his personal experiences along with the people around him. It wasn't until 2009 that he finally recognized hip-hop as his true calling.

Born in Boston, Natural split time between his household in Milton and his cousins residence in Dorchester. The oldest of five in a close knit Irish-American neighborhood, Natural was responsible for his siblings from a very young age. He credits the high level of responsibility his parents entrusted to him along with his entire family's unwavering support in all avenues of artistic creativity as major reasons for his progression as an artist.

In late 2009 Natural began the beginning stages of recording. He started small with a cheap mic and industry beats in his bedroom. He slowly started to show recorded material to people he knew would give it to him straight, and the high level of positive response gave him the final push of confidence he needed.

He contacted Peter "Needy" Needham, a friend of his cousin, who had majored in audio production in college and created the "Stay Puft Productions" group. Within weeks, Natural began to write and record original material over these beats, and the two began a blueprint for the future--It was here they found a Natural fit.

Nat's music invites listeners into his own world, one guided by family and the close bonds within his small circle. His words are marked with a realistic portrayal of himself and feed off of his surroundings in the small city of Boston--his story is just one of the many tales shared through his music.

Despite his suburban background, Nat's deep routed connections with the inner city have allowed him lines of sight from both sides of the tracks. Employments and experience range from his current position at an inner city public school all the way to working with troubled youth groups over in Ireland. Bartending and bouncing in some of the roughest areas of the city while also holding down jobs in some of the trendiest spots downtown. Either way you spin it, Nat draws from a plethora of experiences and carries a unique ability to connect with many different demographics of people.

On June 21st Natural will be dropping "The Bartender". In his first release, Natural shares stories from his personal life and the lives of others, lending people a voice to confront the harsh realities and problems we all face on a daily basis. Nat also leaves room for the good times shared with the fast living collective of family and friends around him. The 16 track release encompasses life from all angles: Happiness, struggle, love, hate, employment, stress, the illegal dealings of the underworld, corruption, politics, sports, police brutality and community. It is an uncompromising vision from an artist that has finally found his calling. His style is a mix of aggressive wordplay, sharp lyricism and heavily sarcastic whit that creates a deeply honest and passionate vibe. Armed with a keen sense of self awareness and an unapologetic flow, Nat epitomizes confidence with the microphone. Hip-Hop has a new voice, and Natural's uninhibited honesty and no holds barred approach refuses to be silenced. Listen up and watch the rest unfold.

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