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J-Zone Launches New Site & Laments the Death of MySpace
Posted by Steve Juon at Sunday, June 26th, 2011 at 2:00PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From J-Zone:

J-Zone Launches New Site & Laments the Death of MySpace

I miss MySpace. It was a free website for people who didn't want to build websites, and if you really knew how to cyber-pimp, it was a free e-harmony. Unfortunately, Tom couldn't prevent that site from turning into a playground for retired, toothless porn stars and rappers with names like Lil' Swagmaster Herpes. Twitter's 140-character limit “got us typin mesagez like dis n I h8 typin like I drop outa skool in da 4th grade OMG LOL SMH.” I've already received a death threat on Facebook this year and Friendster went the way of the pterodactyl. Therefore, I've just launched my new website: .

Click here to check it out (it's a link, so I can track how many people actually give a sh*t) .

The site will be headquarters of my upcoming book, Root for the Villain, as well as all things J-Zone. Currently, the site features a photo synopsis of what the book is all about, iTunes links for J-Zone music (once upon a time, I made music), free downloads for all 16 installments of my defunct music/comedy/variety-themed radio show/podcast, Gators-n-Furs (including the original artwork), and a plethora of other useless information. Enjoy.

Speaking of the book, I'll be posting chapters from it soon. Just working through some last minute details. Stay tuned.

Also, I'm too technologically slow to create real newsletters with unsubscribe links. Then again, I also hate SPAM. Therefore, if you do not wish to receive these e-mails, let me know and I'll gladly remove your ungrateful ass from my mailing list. No offense will be taken, but “I never liked you anyway, you pretty motherf*cker.” - Nino Brown



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