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PR: Macsen Apollo - "Matters of the Heart" (EP)
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From Wanja Large:

PR: Macsen Apollo - "Matters of the Heart" (EP)

Artist: Macsen Apollo
Location: Oakland, California
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
EP: "Matters of the Heart"


About the EP:

“Matters of the Heart” is about Life and Love, about Trust and Betrayal. It is about those kind of relationships we all have experienced at one point in life.

Starting with the Aagee (Compund 7) produced track “Around the world” Macsen Apollo takes you on a journey, an emotional one, so real that you can relate to each and every line: "We can go around the world girl, just for one night", a song about the admiration you can feel for a person when you first meet, whose company you want to enjoy for a short enough time to leave them with untarnished memories. Very different from "Like this", a love story, about a connection so strong that it can take you to the moon and back. Yet producer Daniel J kept the sounds light for this to be a joint you can vibe out to in the sunshine.

After the love story, just like in real life, come the "Problems" which is a song about heartache, the pain you feel when you loose a woman you love, about the mistakes that lead to this loss and how it makes you feel in the end. About realizing mistakes you made when it's too late, and how you don't know what you have until it's gone. And a lot of times problems lead to "Heartbreaks", which is Macsen Apollo's true story of betrayal and hurt. The lies a woman told which eventually had to come to light and led to a dramatic break-up. Arranged beautifully by Kev Choice and accompanied by cuts from DJ Quest.

The EP is closed by "City Girl", which is a tale of friendship and admiration, the fragile kind of love that feels like a crush, the one you want so bad but just can't be because of the circumstances you are in.

In the end Macsen Apollo proves to be a real Emcee, a real person who is not afraid to share his life, his feelings and his experiences with anyone who wants to listen. “All Rap, No Gimmicks”.

Video "Like This":

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