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MP3: Magnificent Ruffians - "Emerald City"
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From Wanja Lange:

MP3: Magnificent Ruffians - "Emerald City"

"In today's rap music, a lot of people talk about diamonds, cars and clothes. We are sick and tired of hearing that same old wack shit! We are living in an Emerald City... it's time to destroy and rebuild."

The Magnificent Ruffians are back at it again with their first character album entitled, Wizards of CA. This time they colaborate with an artistic, abstract emcee by the name of Five O' Clock. The characters are as follows, Specific as the Tinman, Master Chief as the Cowardly Lion and Five O' Clock as the Scarecrow. The original movie Wizard of OZ is a very significant movie because it was the first to be shown in color instead of black and white. It also has a lot of hidden messages, ideals and morals that each character brings to the table. Red ruby slippers, wicked witches, emerald city... These are all iconic themes that the original movie has became famous for. On this project, the Magnificent Ruffians and Five O' Clock have tried to incorporate the movie into each song. They basically took a classic movie and flipped it into a raw hiphop album. This project is unlike any one they have ever done before. It's not for everyone but it is for anyone. Enjoy! 

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 Magnificent Ruffians - EMERALD CITY (DIRTY).mp3 

Magnificent Ruffians - EMERALD CITY (CLEAN).mp3

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