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PR: Project Pat and Hypnotize Minds Team for Loud Pack
Posted by Steve Juon at Wednesday, July 20th, 2011 at 4:00PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From Dove @ Tygereye:

Project Pat and Hypnotize Minds Team for Loud Pack ft. Rick Ross, Brisco & Three 6 Mafia on Select-O-Hits

Memphis, TN -- July 2011 -- Few names channel the essence of Memphis street rap like Project Pat. A true veteran in the "Dirty South" movement, Pat has delivered a slew of hits in the past decade, backed by the intoxicating production of Hypnotize Minds.

On July 19, 2011, Project Pat will deliver his eighth studio album Loud Pack in association with Select-O-Hits.

Guest appearances from Rick Ross, Brisco and Oscar-winners Three 6 Mafia accent the album's 15 booming basslines, fully produced by DJ Paul and Juicy J. Fans purchasing Loud Pack via iTunes will be treated to an exclusive bonus track.

There is no denying the chemistry between Project Pat, his brother Juicy J and DJ Paul. From their collaborations on Three 6 Mafia's "Sippin on Some Syrup" and "Poppin' My Collar" to Pat's own "Chickenhead" and "Don't Call Me No Mo," the trio has created timeless rap classics.

"The thing about Hypnotize Minds is that they know the style you're going to come with," explains Project Pat. "Working with them over the years, we just know how we're going to do it. They already know the beats. Say DJ Paul makes 10 beats, I may mess around and use all 10 of them. He already knew what I was looking for."

With Loud Pack, the lead single "Flashin'" stands out to Pat as a song that fans will gravitate to when they listen to the album.

"Flashin'" has something scary that DJ Paul put into it," explains Pat. "It's like an awareness song to let you know that you shouldn't be so flashy out here. It's ok to be flashy at a party or something, but no need to on a regular day, in a poverty stricken neighborhood. That's not good."

With nearly 15 years of music under his belt, seven albums thus far, and dozens of mixtapes, Pat has more than established himself in the memory of Hip Hop fans. But does he see where a passing of the torch will happen with new artists? Although he can find some fault with the growth of hardcore rap he loves, Pat often finds new talent in his travels to appreciate.

"When I first got in this game, I did it like this old guy told me: 'You got to get it quick and get it fast because it may not last!'" expresses Pat. "I stay blessed. Right now the industry is messed up as far as 'street music.' Me personally, I do reality street music and I have a fan base, so I'm good. The newer music is different, but it's whatever that comes. I listen to people like Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa. I like their music, it's bumping to me."

Also an active real estate investor, Project Pat attests that the recession has been good to him in every way.

"Music has been really good, but the real estate has been really good too though," Pat beams. "Houses have been really cheap to buy. So they kind of go together - I've been getting good shows, and I've been getting good money to buy real estate. I've been really blessed; I'm super good."

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Loud Pack track list

01. Duffle Bag
02. I Play Dope Boy
03. I Ain't Got Beef
04. Guess Who
05. Flashin'
06. Bloodhound
07. I Got a Question
08. Everythangs High
09. Gang Signs
10. Ni**as So Cut Throat ft. Juicy J & Brisco
11. 7 Days a Week
12. Kelly Green ft. Juicy J
13. Money on My Mind
14. Penitentiary Chances
15. Dollar Signs (Remix) ft. Rick Ross & Three 6 Mafia
*16. Roll Over - iTunes exclusive bonus track

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