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Free Music Friday: Ridin' Dirty on 8-5 Edition
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Seriously, I feel like a dealer ridin' dirty on 85, with coke in the trunk and cops in the rear mirror. Because I'm giving away so many free music this week, I can swear that six of them are probably illegal! So before the R-I-Double A decides to raid in my momma's house and confiscate my laptop and hard drive, know that it's been nice knowing y'all on FMF! FMF to the DEATH (or at least until all of the artists decide to charge).

Chris Brown :: Boy in Detention

"Um, this ain't a RAP mixtape! This is Chris Brown, dude!" Um, if you listen you'll see that it IS a rap mixtape! Chris Brown decides to take a hand in rapping and he's doing it seriously, as evident by appearacnes and productions from Kevin McCall, 9th Wonder, Big K.R.I.T. and Shawty Mane. Yes, the Shawty Mane, who's also known as JUSTIN BIEBER! Yes, even the Bieb' raps and he go swag like Jack Swagger himself (Ugh, may "swag" R.I.P. soon).

1. First 48 [prod. Jukebox]
2. Crazy [prod. David Banner]
3. Freaky I'm Iz [f/ Kevin McCall]
4. Diesel & Swizz Beatz [prod. by Kevin McCall]
5. Body on Mine (f/ Se7en) [prod. by Infinity]
6. Spend It All (f/ Se7en and Kevin McCall) [prod. Info]
7. Private Dancer (f/ Se7en and Kevin McCall) [prod. Cornelio Austin]
8. 100 Bottles (f/ Se7en) [prod. DJ Chuckie]
9. Leave the Club (f/ Joelle James) [prod. by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]
10. Real Hip Hop #4 (f/ Kevin MaCall) [prod. by 9th Wonder]
11. Your Body [prod. by Hudson Mohawke]
12. Ladies Love Me (f/ Justin Bieber a/k/a Shawty Mane) [prod. by David Banner]
13. Real Hip Hop #3 [prod. by 9th Wonder)
14. Real Hip Hop (f/ Kevin McCall) (prod. by 9th Wonder)
15. Snapbacks Back (f/ Tyga) [prod. by Mike Will]
16. The Best Yo [prod. by Beat Syndicate]
17. Marvin's Room (RMX) (f/ J Valentine, Dawn Richard, Se7en and Kevin McCall) [prod. by Ryan M. Tedder]
18. 100% (f/ Kevin McCall) [prod. by Kevin McCall]
19. Last [prod. by No I.D.]
20. Sweetheart [prod. by Kevin McCall]
21. Strip (f/ Kevin McCall) [prod. by Tha Bizness]
22. Yoko (f/ Berner)
23. Wiz Khalifa & Big K.R.I.T. [prod. by Big K.R.I.T.]


DJ Drama & Celeb Forever :: Lights (#LightsMixtape)

Celeb Forever is living like his name because it seems like he's been a celeb forever, indeed. Thanks to the appearance of Gucci Mane, Emilion Rojas, Rick Ross, and Curren$y, as well as a co-sign from DJ Drama, the spoltight's on Celeb and the lights aren't dimming anytime soon.

1. Intro (Drama Speaks)
2. Say the Right Things [prod. by Drum Squad]
3. Alive (f/ Curren$y)
4. Nicky Barnes (f/ Pill) [prod. by Lex Luger]
5. Timeless (f/ Rick Ross) [prod. by The Olympicks]
6. I Don't Believe You (f/ XV and Donnis)
7. Do You Mean It [prod. by Oddz N Endz]
8. Physical
9. Drama Speaks
10. H.B.S. (f/ Sean McGee)
11. K.O.D.
12. High Horse (f/ Gucci Mane) [prod. by Drum Squad]
13. Hip-Hop Heores (f/ Laws, Emilio Rojas, and Carti Yae)
14. Cook (f/ Styles P)
15. Bring It Home (f. Durand Bernarr)
16. Outro (Drama Speaks)
17. You Earned It

Game & DJ Skee :: Hoodmorning [No Typo]: Candy Coronas

Hoodmorning y'all! No typo, but Game is putting in CRAZI WERK! [sic] before his "R.E.D. Album" drops on August 27th (Hopefully the label won't push the album back though). Here's Candy Coronas for Friday night. And it's okay, you can drive after putting Game's Candy Coronas in your system. #Pause #NoHangover #Wolfpack #RandomKevinNashHashtag

1. Hoodmorning [prod. by Mars]
2. Drug Test (f/ Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg) [prod. by DJ Khalil]
3. Can You Believe It (f/ LIl Wayne and Birdman) [prod. by Lifted]
4. Mr. West/Money & Power [prod. by Che Vicious]
5. Monsters in My Head [prod. by Boi-1da]
6. Wow (f/ Gucci Mane) [prod. by Mars]
7. 25 to Life [prod. by Mars]
8. Out of Towner [prod. by Terrace Martin
9. Standin on a Corner (f/ B.o.B and Wiz Khalifa) [prod. by Gun Roulet]
10. Grave Yard (f/ Sam Cooke) [prod. by Mars and Point Guard]
11. The Town [prod. by Mars and Rance]
12. Uncle Otis [prod. by Mars & Point Guard]
13. Infrared [prod. by Cool & Dre]
14. Change Your Life (f/ BWS) [prod. by Mars]
15. Red (f/ Redman) [prod. by Cool & Dre]
16. I'm On [prod. by Mars]
17. Ace of Spades (f/ Jim Starr and Paypa) [prod. by Mars]
18. Fucked Up (f/ Menace) [prod. by Mars]
19. She Wanna Have My Baby (f/ Trey Songz)
20. Rough (f/ Yelawolf) [prod. by Jim Jonsin]

J. Cole :: Any Given Sunday #1

"Cole World" is dropping on September 27th! So until then, J. Cole will bless you all with gifts every Sunday until the album drops, starting with this freeP right here.

1. Like a Star
2. Knock on Wood
3. Pity
4. How High
5. Unabomber


Muhsinah :: Gone


Giving y'all some soulful freeP, Muhsinah (pronounced Mu-see-na), who you may recognize from Common's "Change" and The Foreign Exchange's "Daykeeper," gives y'all "Gone" with six original tracks for y'all to ride to. So what it ain't hip-hop, but it's still good music (no Kanye-o). 

1. Down to 1
2. One
3. Stop & Go
4. Stop
5. Gone
6. Till I'm Gone

Rockie Fresh :: The Otherside: Redux

I missed the original version and I may give it to y'all next week if the link is available. But this remix tape is so fresh like his last name, I couldn't NOT share it with y'all.

1. A.C. Green
2. The Worth (f/ Mike Golden)
3. Sofa King Cole [Redux]
4. Living Remix (f/ Casey Veggies and Tayyib Ali)
5. So Gone Based Remix (f/ Lil B)
6. We Good
7. About It [prod. by Cardo]
8. Go Crazy [prod. by Sledgren & Cardo]
9. They Don't Understand Why Remix (f/ Tayyib Ali)
10. As Far As You Let Me
11. Too Far
12. June 13th [prod. by Mike Daley & The Gift]
13. What's The Hurry (Interlude)
14. What's The Hurry
15. Otherside (f/ Rich Hil)
16. Time
17. Living Super Remix (f/ Casey Veggies, Tayyib Ali, Naledge, & Phil Ade) [Bonus Track]
18. Otherside Redux Freestyle [prod. By Matt Max] [Bonus Track]
19. Duckin N Dodgin (f/ Casey Veggies & Prod By Uncle Dave) [Bonus Track]
20. A.C. Green Remix (f/ Vic Mensa) [Bonus Track]

Slaine & Statik Selektah :: State of Grace

What do you get when you combine La Coka Nostra/Special Teamz heavyweight Slaine with Showoff's Statik Selektah beats? REAL HIP-HOP! Point blank period and you'll definitely hear plenty of that here on "State of Grace."

1. State Of Grace (Intro)
2. Don’t Talk Greezy
3. Offensive Lines f. Action Bronson & Ill Bill
4. That’s How It Is f. Termanology & Tully Banta-Cain aka Novacaine
5. Trail of Blood (OG Beat Version)
6. Tonight f. Cyrus Deshield
7. Gotta Go f. Kali & D-Stroy)
8. American Way
9. Run It (From The Town OST)
10. Night After Night
11. Molly f. D-Stroy
12. Hold Up f. Reks
13. Concepts (Freestyle)
14. Shade 45 Freestyle f. Kali & D-Stroy
15. Mistaken Identity [Bonus Track]

That's it for the "Ridin' Dirty in 8-5 Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....

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