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Keelay & Zaire - Wake Up Show w/ Supastition Video
Posted by Steve Juon at Thursday, February 5th, 2009 at 3:00AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From Audible Treats:

Keelay & Zaire - Wake Up Show w/ Supastition Video      02.04.2009
"Homie, if you let it, these streets could be a death trap / Either it could be your motivation or your setback"

The Video:

The versatile production duo, Keelay & Zaire, are not just whetting our appetites this month with their free EP Prelude to Drive, but are filling us up with goodies in anticipation of the full album drop. Gain some insight on how they got into the production game and the processors they were inspired by in the Wake Up Show interview. The video also includes Supastition freestyling over Keelay & Zaire's beats. Supastition brings us three rounds of creative flow, each distinctly different from other. Who ever said southern boys can't rap? .

The Prelude to Drive EP is now available to download for FREE at the freshly launched

Keelay & Zaire's full-length Ridin High will be available for release on March 10, 2009 on Myx Music.

The Background:

Keelay & Zaire are a bi-coastal team that operates with only one concrete rule; creating music with unlimited range. Complementing each other's styles with precision, Kee & Zee work as a sole production machine that spawns gritty classic hip-hop, soulful R&B, and any other medium that requires an exclusive sound from the team. With Keelay out west in San Francisco, and Zaire in the east, holding it down in Virginia, the two have almost unlimited resources from which to draw talent and inspiration. In their debut LP Ridin High, the pair's versatility takes center stage, backed up by a talented cast of emcees and singers including Phonte of Little Brother, Supastition, Blu, Cali Agents, Darien Brockington, Tash of Tha Liks, Saafir, Fortilive, The Park, Emilio Rojas, Surreal ,Slo-Mo, Mario Dones, The A.V.E., J.Fish, Jony Fraze, Whooligan, and Tiffany Paige. Keelay & Zaire's Ridin High will be released in early 2009 by MYX Music Label.

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Keelay & Zaire - Wake Up Show w/ Supastition Video
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Keelay & Zaire - Sole Ides commercial (St. Ides spoof)
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