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Seņor Kaos - When Southern Hip-Hop Drops Swag and Gets Lyrical
Posted by Adam Bernard at Monday, February 9th, 2009 at 7:00AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

The stereotypes of southern rappers are that of excessive jewelry, loud lyrics, and general shouting about nothing. Thankfully, Atlanta emcee Señor Kaos represents none of the above. Maybe it’s because he was literally born into Hip-Hop with his father being a DJ, B-Boy and emcee in the early 80's. Maybe it’s because he cut his teeth in street ciphers where skill was of the utmost importance. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t spent his entire life in the south. Whatever the reason, Señor Kaos is a part of the subsection of southern Hip-Hop that is the complete opposite of what people assume the genre to be and his brilliant new mix-CD, Swagger is Nothing, Talent is Everything, is a testament to that. This week I caught up with Señor Kaos to find out more about both him and his music, some of the misconceptions outsiders have about the southern Hip-Hop scene, and the very unique collaboration he’d love to see happen.

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