Wednesday June 20, 2018

#JusSayin. Anyway, on with the free-ness!!!!!

DJ Breakem Off x DJ Wally Sparks Presents:
Big K.R.I.T. :: Last King 2: God's Machine (Mixtape)

Here's a brand new mixtape from Tenn's own Big K.R.I.T. If you like the good ol' Southern contry rap tunes and you never heard of K.R.I.T., then you should wake up to check this one out!

1. Intro
2. The Big Payback [prod. by Big K.R.I.T.]
3. Yoko (Remix) (f/ Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, and Berner) [prod. by Big K.R.I.T.]
4. 2 MPH (f/ Dom Kennedy)    
5. Cruise Control (f/ Mike Jaggerr)   
6. Pimps (Remix) (f/ 2 Chainz f/k/a Tity Boi and Bun B)   
7. Hometeam (f/ CyHi Da Prynce and Wes Fif)   
8. Fulla Shit (f/ Yelawolf and RITTZ)    
9. Grippin' On The Wood (f/ Pimp C and Bun B)   
10. 4eva And A Day [Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.]    
11. Where It's At (f/ Cory Mo)    
12. Comin' From (f/ Slim Thug and J-Dawg)    
13. On The Corner (f/ Smoke DZA and Bun B) [prod. By Big K.R.I.T.]    
14. 4 Tha 1's (f/ Bobby Creekwater) [prod. By Big K.R.I.T.]    
15. Home Again (f/. Tha Joker) [prod. By Big Fruit]    
16. Ova Da Sky (f/  Big Sant) [prod. By Big K.R.I.T.]
17. Happy Birthday Hip Hop (f/ Yelawolf) [prod. By Big K.R.I.T.]    
18. War Stories (Feat. Self Scientific)    
19. Hold You Down (Remix) (f/ Laws & Emilio Rojas)    
20. Born On The Block (f/ Killer Mike & Big Sid)    
21. So Be It (f/ Rapsody)    
22. Rotating Valets (DJ Breakem Off Mix) (f/ Wiz Khalifa and Bun B)

Cool Nutz :: The Cook-Up

If you're not familar with the Oregon hip-hop scene, allow me to introduce you to the Bun B of Portland. Cool Nutz has been around since the Beatnuts and he's still making tunes for all to hear nationwide! Check it out if you smell what the Nutz is cooking (Pause!). Appearances include Potluck, DJ Quik, Mikey Vegaz, amongst others.

1. Intro (f/ Todd G)
2. The Cook Up [prod. by HI-Q]
3. Gas Team (f/ Bosko and Pricy) [prod. by Tope]
4. Kangol [prod. by Terminill]
5. Family Bond [prod. by HI-Q]
6. The Good Life (f/ Potluck) [prod. by DJ Quik]
7. Ain't A Game (f/ Maniac Lok and DJ Fatboy) [prod. by Trox]
8. Tax Brackets [prod. by Lawz Spoken]
9. Take Home Money (f/ Fli Boi Moe and Kenny Mack) [prod. by Nonstop]
10. A Love feat. TxE [prod. by G Force]
11. Superman (f/ Mikey Vegaz) [prod. by Lawz Spoken]
12. Black Music [prod. by Tope]
13. Never Met [prod. by HI-Q]
14. Hamptons [prod. by HI-Q]
15. Killin (f/ Illamaculate and Only One) [prod. by Trox]
16. The Town (f/ Dubble OO, Mikey Vegaz, and Kenny Mack) [prod. by Deezo]
17. All On Me [prod. by UnderRated]
18. The Greatest [prod. by Tope]

Danny Brown :: XXX

Danny Brown, who turned thirty this year, gives us the "XXX" which is beyond the regular "30" title for his mixtape. Brown gives his life style through his music that's so unique that 50 Cent, who almost signed Brown to a deal with G-Unit, feels Brown is too out of the world for the deal. It's his lost though. Check out the XXX that doesn't need a paper bag for you to open.

1. XXX
2. Die Like a Rockstar
3. Pac Blood
4. Radio Song
5. Lie4
6. I Will
7. Bruiser Brigade (f/ Dopehead)
8. Detroit 187 (f/ Chip$)
9. Monopoly
10. Blunt After Blunt
11. Outer Space
12. Adderall Admiral
13. DNA
14. Nosebleeds15. Party All the Time
17. Fields
18. Scrap or Die
19. 30

Narez :: Successful Suicide

"Successful Suicide" serves as a mixtape to the upcoming retail street album with the same title that's coming soon. Beats are produced by Omen (Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Redman, etc.), as this mixtape features appearacnes from Joe Budden, Laws, Nature, Emilio Rojas, etc.

1. Filled wit Sin [prod. by Omen]
2. Cruise Control (f/ Nature) [prod. by Omen]
3. Cut 'em Off [prod. by Omen
4. On the Rise (f/ Joe Budden & Swazy Baby) [prod. by Jaywan]
5. Much More (f/ Nature and Laws) [prod. by Omen]
6. Life Charger (f/ Jinx) [prod. by Jaywan]
7. Never left (f/ Mason Caine) [prod. by Jaywan]
8. Assembly Line [prod. by Omen]
9. My Reality (f/ Jinx) [prod. by Jaywan]
10. Can't Lose Hope (f/ Emilio Rojas and Laws) [prod. by Omen]
11. Gotta Get 'em Back [prod. by Omen]
12. Here Now (f/ Jinx) [prod. by Jaywan]
13. Guide You Home (f/ Mason Caine) [prod. by Jaywan]

Trackademicks :: Fresh Coastin'

Here's some funky fresh music from the Left Coast. California's Trackademicks gives you his land in audio form that's as beautiful as the Cali landscape. Appearances includes Freddie Gibbs, Phonte, Whiz, etc.

1. Fresh Coast (f/ Polysester the Saint)
2. California Lifestyle
3. Chill (f/ Freddie Gibbs, Phonte, and 1-O.A.K.)
4. The Dream (f/ Whiz)
5. Low-Tech Life (f/ MoxMore)
6. RADical (Real Amazing Days in Cali) (f/ 1-O.A.K.)
7. You Can Catch Me Right Here (f/ The HNRL)
8. Big Butts, Bikini Bottoms, and Blue Blockers

Wale :: The Eleven One Eleven Theory

11/1/11 will be the release date of Wale's second album and MMG debut "Ambition" (that is if the label doesn't change the date, this is. *knocks on wood*) So this mixtape will hold fans over until the release! And if you use the link below, you'll get to ask Wale a question (ANY question) after you click your d/l link.

1. "Theory” 11.1.11
2. Fuck You
3. Drums N Shit [prod. by Deputy]
4. Chain Music
5. Lacefrontin
6. Mother Nature (Slow Jammin) [prod. by BuBu]
7. Barry Sanders [prod. by DJ Toomp]
8. Bait
9. Passive Aggres-Her [prod. by Sonny Digital]
10. Fairy Tales (f/ Lil Duval) [produced by Lil C]
11. Ocean Drive (f/ Black Cobain, Magazeen, and Tre)
12. Samples N Shit
13. Ambitious Girl, Pt. 2 (f/ J. Holiday)
14. Let's Chill (f/ Lloyd)
15. Pick.. Six
16. Varsity Blues
17. Underdog [prod. by Hit-Boy]
18. The Podium (f/ Black Cobain and Tre & Tone P)
19. Globetrotters (Hidden Track)

The Weeknd :: Thursday

I admit that I've been sleeping on The Weeknd on the weekends and weekdays, alike. It's time I finally wake up and wake you guys up, also! This cats brings a new fresh approach in R&B and the only hip-hop appearance on this tape is on the appearance of Drake on this new tape. But it's still dope nonetheless!

1. Loney Star
2. Life of the Party
3. Thursday
4. The Zone (f/ Drake)
5. The Birds Part One
6. The Birds Part Two
7. Gone
8. Rolling Stone
9. Heaven or Las Vegas


That's it for the "#HashtagsNotOnTwitterArePointless Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....

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