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Mega Ran 10 Cover Art and Pre-Order Link + PAX
Posted by Steve Juon at Friday, August 26th, 2011 at 9:00AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

Mega Ran 10 Cover Art and Pre-Order Link + PAX

Courtesy: Random.

I  decided to do this one a little bit differently... if you've been to the Bandcamp page, you know that I've been working on this album for a long time now... in fact it wasn't even gonna BE an album... and kinda still isn't..totally.. more on that later.

So, if you preorder today, you get rewarded. You get 7 of the songs now, and the rest of the album (there will be 14) on the release date, which is 11/11/11 - SAVE THE DATE!

But wait, there's more. You get the most bang for your buck if you order one of the LIMITED (only 110) CDs, because you not only get the album in the mail, and 7 songs today, the album will have TWO Bonus tracks that aren't available anywhere. Bonus is good.


I never planned on doing this album, but I have to thank the fans who REQUESTED that I complete it. Its a lot more of a song collection and less of a conceptual piece, but there are some really GREAT songs that I'm really proud of.. I wouldn't do it if I didn't feel it.. so THAT's why it's taken so long.

Wanna hear more? like 7 tracks isn't enough to convince you? okay, I'll release ANOTHER Mega Ran 10 song if we get to 4000 Likes on my Facebook page. A daunting challenge.

Click here and "Like" the page:

Yo,as much as I wish I could release the album in October like I planned (10 on 10), I can't because I'll be on the road, doing the TOUR OF A LIFETIME! woot! so make sure you come out and see a brother. all of you who haven't seen a live show have almost NO excuse.

(look out for this poster for sale soon)

get your tickets and email me, because I still have a mission for ya.

Pump it Up - The REMIXES!

The other day, I put up the Vocal track to PUMP IT UP and there are currently 2 nice remixes out there! check em out! 

Vince Vandal's Remix -

Felix the Feline's Remix:

let 'em know how ya feel.

Lastly, See you this weekend at PAX!

if you'll be in Seattle, catch me and K-Murdock in several different capacities:

panels @ PAX: Friday at 3, w/ @dannybstyle, Saturday at 6 w/ @mc_frontalot (show at 3p), and Sunday at 1 with @klopfenpopf

Check out for more on that. 

Then on Monday, August 29, a full on set with MC Frontalot... And his new album just dropped, actually. go get that.

Get tickets here!

see ya in Sea Town, or on the Road.

Get your Pre-Order in ASAP before they're all gone! 

Gotta go, I'm experimenting with honey mustard chicken and  I don't wanna burn it.

Peace, and 1 million thanks,



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