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Yea Big & Kid Static Get Robotic w/ GZA & Mega Man
Posted by Steve Juon at Sunday, March 1st, 2009 at 5:30AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

Yea Big & Kid Static Get Robotic w/ GZA & Mega Man

Howdy Friend!

Yea Big and Kid Static here.  We are sooooo excited to share with you some news about our forthcoming album, The Future's Looking Grim, and to offer for your listening and sharing pleasure, our first single - Bots!- our ode to our favorite 8 bit game hero MEGA MAN!!!!!!!!!!


That's right, We're back! We're back with 11 bangy glitchers, full of cacophonous synths, syllabic tumbling and enough boom-bap and flow for even the most staunch heads.  The blend of Static's old-schoolish narratives with Big's affinity for high-speed low-bits makes for quite the delicious, caffeinated beverage.  Grim gets all kinds of dark with themes of  death, nightmares, corporate greed, vehicular homicide, the Bible Belt, famous a-hole people, killer robots and...  sandwiches!!!! The future is indeed looking grim! But make no mistake, for all its ominous imagery, this is some poppy shitz for you to shake your ass up against the economic downturn!!!! Get Some. Oh, did we mention that our best buddy Brad Mae-Shi is all over this muvfukr? He is! Get Some more!

The Future's Looking Grim will be out digitally on our Jib Door imprint on April Fool's day.


To celebrate, we'll be playing a gig in Iowa at the Mission Creek Festival in Iowa City with our best friend the GZA!!!!!!!!!! Broters and sisters who wanna get physical can look for a cd release early this summer.

Thanks a ton for your time!  And as always, for more info you can visit or contact us directly at this email address.  We would love to hear from you because we LOOOOOOOVE YOU!


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