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GenAudio Launches Version 1.2 of AstoundStereo Expander
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From GenAudio:

GenAudio Launches Version 1.2 of AstoundStereo Expander Software for Macs and PCs

Latest Update to Popular Audio Enhancement Software Improves Upon Performance and Usability 

GenAudio Inc., developer of AstoundSound™ 4D sound localization cue technology, has released Version 1.2 of its revolutionary AstoundStereo Expander software for both Macs and PCs. The new software version improves upon system performance when running the AstoundStereo Expander by lowering the application’s CPU usage and enhancing its overall performance. AstoundStereo Expander Version 1.2 also enhances the usability of the application by incorporating hotkey functionality for adjusting the intensity of the application’s effect on the audio and correcting minor bugs discovered in the last software version. AstoundStereo Expander for Windows version 1.2 also includes Windows Vista 64-bit compatibility.

“The positive response we have received to our AstoundStereo Expander software has been incredible, and we are continuing to see more and more people download our product to experience AstoundStereo first-hand,” said Jerry Mahabub, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GenAudio. “With our latest software update, we have improved upon the AstoundStereo experience by giving user’s easy control of the AstoundStereo Expander with hotkey options and improving the overall performance of the software. We are constantly striving to build the best product available and this is the first of what we anticipate to be many enhancements we will develop for the AstoundStereo Expander.”

The AstoundStereo Expander is derived from GenAudio’s proprietary AstoundSound 4D technology, which draws on years of audio perception research to immerse listeners in a 360 degree, spherical soundscape that mimics the sound of real life. The AstoundStereo Expander allows users to apply this enhanced audio processing technology to their existing digital audio for a heightened, deepened and widened listening experience through as little as two audio channels, such as any headphones, home theater speakers or laptop speakers.

            The AstoundStereo Expander software processes audio files on the user’s desktop or laptop computer in real-time. This enables the listener to hear their music, movies and video games in a richer, fuller way.

Consumers who wish to experience digital audio in AstoundStereo, including movies, music and games, can now download a free 30-day trial of the new AstoundStereo Expander software for Mac or PC by logging onto www.astoundstereo.com. Following the free trial, consumers can purchase the software for $39.95.

About GenAudio

GenAudio, Inc. is headquartered in Englewood, CO.  GenAudio’s mission is to provide a true 4D sound solution for the entire entertainment industry — AstoundStereo, the next dimension in audio. AstoundStereo is a 4D software based sound solution that integrates seamlessly with consumer electronics and software applications, as well as provides professional audio production solutions through a minimum of two speakers or headphones. AstoundStereo is the most accurate and intense 4D sound localization cue technology available today.  The technology works with most consumers existing equipment and no special hardware or decoding devices are needed.  For more information visit: www.genaudioinc.com .

AstoundStereo official site: http://www.astoundstereo.com .
AstoundStereo link to free tracks: http://www.AstoundStereo.com/freetrack .
GenAudio official site: http://www.genaudioinc.com .

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