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Big Urban - Love Is a Battle
Posted by Steve Juon at Saturday, March 28th, 2009 at 4:00PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From Michelle at Audible Treats:

Big Urban - "Love Is a Battle" feat. StarPower      03.25.2009
"Baby said I was a clown so I thought she wasn't down but she meant I wore big shoes meaning I got big news."

The Song:

After giving us their serious side in "Snap to the Future," Big Urban unveils the comedy in "Love Is a Battle," the second release off of their forthcoming EP, It's Not So Much the Heat, It's the Humidity. In freestyle fashion, Krayola rhymes about how his heartbreak has left him with a gruff appearance and eating food that even a starving college student wouldn't touch while guest emcee StarPower's self-control wavers as he's tempted after exchanging vows. With production by Scott Thorough, "Love Is a Battle" is a club joint, complete with a pounding bass beat, a distorted vocal chorus, and an ending that has a dash of electronica.

The Background:

Big Urban is the collaboration of emcee Krayola Spectrum on the mic and producer Scott Thorough on everything else. Both native to Brooklyn, Kray and Scott are members of the Nuclear Family, a Brooklyn hip-hop collective also including Baje One, DJ Snafu, Tone Tank, Probe Cellsplitter and N.E.M.C. Kray and Tone Tank make up the group Iller Than Theirs, who released their self-titled debut album on Embedded Records in 2007 and a follow-up, Wash, Rinse EP, in 2008. Scott is also a member of The Boys & Girls Club and also does production for Baje and Snafu's group Junk Science. Big Urban describes their music as "a failed attempt to make popular commercial rap music that failed horribly but came out sounding weird and interesting anyway." Their debut EP It's Not So Much The Heat, It's The Humidity will be released via Embedded Records this spring.


"Love Is a Battle" featuring StarPower
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"Snap to the Future"
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