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Braille Update - Back Home With Stories to Tell
Posted by Steve Juon at Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 at 3:00AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

Hey world, this is Bryan "Braille" with a new update.

First of all, I've been home from the road for a week.  When my wife and daughter picked me up at the airport my daughter was in awe of me.  haha.  She stayed up till midnight the first couple nights and just wanted to play.  It was a blessing for us both.  Gabriella (my daughter) is only 2 years and 4 months old.  She is already singing songs with me - which is amazing because she was diagnosed with mild brain damage at birth.  For the first 6 months her arms were stuck behind her back and she didn't start making noise until 7 or 8 months.  After much prayer and physical therapy she was healed and it blows me away how smart she is.  I was away from my family for 3 weeks but the fruit (the results) of this tour were worth it.  God's timing has been so amazing for us.  My wife is a stay at home mom - so typically the idea of me leaving for 3 weeks wouldn't be very fresh.  But God has prepared us for this time and also provided things in our life that makes this season less intimidating.  Our best friends live next door, we have a great church, we live close to both our families and all those things together helped make this tour possible.

In total - me and S1 did 29 shows in 27 days.  There are so many people to thank and I've done my best to thank everyone in person.  We only stayed in hotels 3 or 4 nights the whole tour.  Every other night someone was opening up their home to us.  During the tour we gave out nearly 5,000 CDs!!!  We performed at prisons, cafes, community centers, churches, bars and shelters.  Needless to say, there are so many people to thank.  I want to take a moment to specifically recognize the promoters, the host homes and everyone who invested into us so that we could print these CDs.  We received so much positive feedback during this trip.  It was such a blessing to be able to give away this new album.  Nearly every show had over 100 people in attendance and we would hand out each CD one by one.  We saw the smiles, we got the hugs and we've heard stories from people who were touched at the shows.  Me and S1 both grew tremendously in our own spiritual lives.  We had no idea what it would be like touring together but we are like family now.  I'm really glad S1 was able to go with me and hopefully we can do some more runs (and some more music) together in the future.

At this point we only have enough CDs for one or two more events.  April is pretty mild but we will be performing at the Peanut Butter and Jelly Party in Nashville, TN.  This event is thrown by Syntax Records and is expected to have over 500 people in attendance during GMA week.  Starting in May the tour schedule picks back up so we plan on printing more CDs in two weeks so that we have them ready for all our shows.  We already have around $3,000 saved up but we are trying to double that number and press a full batch of 10,000 CDs at a cheaper price per unit.  If your interested in getting involved then just hit me up.  Honestly, no pressure at all.  This is something we are willing to put our own money into as well when we can.  By partnering with others who believe in the vision as well - we are able to accomplish more together.  But this is never intended to be a burden on anyone - this is meant to be a blessing for everyone involved.

A few more quick notes and then I'm going to close this out.

1. I want to encourage everyone to check out www.itsnineteen.com.  There is a video player with concert footage from the tour.  There are also some good interviews and reviews that you can check out, as well as a list of stores that carry the album for people who haven't been able to attend a show yet.

2. The "CloudNineteen" album is now on Itunes.  For those of you who already have the record, could you visit Itunes and leave your own personal review of the album?  I'd like to get 30 or 40 reviews at Itunes over the next week.  So yeah... head over there when you get time and drop your thoughts about the record.  The direct link is below, or you can just type "Braille and S1" in the search section of the Itunes stores.


3. I hit the jackpot and received a box full of records that I thought were extinct.  My management company was changing locations and found a stack of "Hiphop Music" 12 inches and "Box of Rhymes" 7 inches.  These have both been sold out for over two years, so I was pretty excited to get some copies back.  If your interested in getting a copy of either then just hit me up.  I only have about 20 of each.

4. New tour dates have been added to www.braillehiphop.com.  I will be in Texas and Nashville in April.  I will be in Oregon, Cali, Oklahoma, Kansas, Indiana, Chicago, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh in May.  If you'd like to set up a show in your area then we can make it happen.

Much love - hope everyone is doing well.  A lot of people have hit me up personally who have been going through some struggles.  I just wanted to let everyone reading this know that I am here for you.  If you ever need someone to talk with or pray with then feel free to hit me up.  One friend lost his step father and we've been talking.  Some guys have been struggling with lust and we've been talking.  It's not just all about the music for me so if you ever want to pick my brain about anything then I'm available.  Peace and GOD bless
Thank you, from Braille and the Hiphop Is Music team.
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