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J-Zone Book Excerpt: When Rappers Are Forced to Get Day Jobs
Posted by Steve Juon at Sunday, October 30th, 2011 at 8:00PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

J-Zone Book Excerpt: When Rappers Are Forced to Get Day Jobs

Courtesy Kenny Hoggin$.

Here's another excerpt from Root For The Villain: Rap, Bull$hit, and a Celebration of Failure.

Wall Street is occupied. Your college degree is a laminated dustpan; now you need a Ph.D. to put holes in donuts. Becky with the million dollar Master's degree in education is teaching alright...teaching the new girl at the bar how to make Tequila Sunrises. So where does that put a former rap artist? At one point in time, I made a living doing what I loved (being a musician). Today, I'm being told to get a respectable haircut and dress "business casual" to do no business and casually answer phones. When Yale graduates can't find work, you know rappers whose careers went kaput are in trouble!

Gotta laugh to keep from crying...or launch a new search engine (MC Hammer)...or juice a woman for money to record a comeback album (Tim Dog). But whatever you do, don't fall into the dead end job world like I did. It's a cold, cold (albeit hilarious) world. 

Click here to read about my hilarious foray into the world of dead end day jobs after life as a musician

Pre-orders for the book on Amazon, Create Space, and directly through me (with the super-limited audio book on cassette tape) officially start next week!

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