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Press Release: D-Sisive - "Run With the Creeps"
Posted by Steve Juon at Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 at 6:00AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

Press Release: D-Sisive - "Run With the Creeps"

Courtesy of URBNET.

URBNET Records Press/Radio Update - October 28, 2011

This press release is in 3 parts.

i. D-Sisive | Run With The Creeps | available November.15.2011.

In the beginning, I set out to make a commercial record. I wanted to be on the radio. I wanted to see my name on charts. I wanted to receive Socan cheques higher than $8.00. I didn't want to be rich, but...I wanted to be rich. And famous. I made a list of catchphrases that would make amazing call and response choruses.

.Talk To The Hand.
.News (not the weather).
.One Day At A Time.
.A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed.
.When I Say ___, You Say ___!

I wrote songs directed towards DJs about DJs playing my favourite songs so I can dance all night.

It was all coming together. Then I accidentally hit delete and it was all gone. As usual, I was depressed again. Then I wrote this album.

Prepare to be depressed with me on November 15th.

.The Invisible Man
.GG Allin
.The Unknown (ft.Birdapres & CadenceWeapon)
.TheCreep (by.NickThran)
.To The Moon (ft.Motem)
.Orin's House
.TheCreep2 (by.NickThran)
.Ceiling Fan
.The Stranded
.Chest Piece (ft.Muneshine & AdamBomb)
.9 Millimeter (ft.FrescoP)
.TheSymbol (by.LizWorth)
.Jolly Good Fellow
.One Last Dance (ft. JayMalinowski)

* *

ii. D-Sisive | Run With The Creeps | Album Release Party @ The Rivoli | Friday.November.18.2011.

On November 18th I will be performing in Toronto for the first time in a while. I'm really excited. The Rivoli has amazing sound. They also have amazing Wooki Balls. Unfortunately, you only get 3, so sharing with your significant other is difficult.

At this show...
You will NOT see...
-Background Dancers
-Laser Beams
-Oversized Clock Necklaces
-Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Eminem or The Weeknd
-A saxophone player
-Anyone demanding you raise your hands or scream

It will be just Techtwelve, Me and the music that brought us all together.

Hope to see you all there.

* *

iii. D-Sisive | the Run With The Creeps tour

See above. Then multiply by...
6 | Whistler | Garfinkel's
9 | Vancouver | The Media Club
17 | St. Catharines | Bella Rosa's
18 | Toronto | The Rivoli
19 | London | APK Live
25 | Kingston | The Mansion
26 | Waterloo | Maxwell's Music House
29 | Guelph | The Bookshelf E-Bar
30 | Ottawa | Ritual Nightclub
1 | Hamilton | Casbah
2 | Windsor | Phog Lounge

* *


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