When I listened and reviewed Minneapolis-based emcee/producer Ecid’s “Werewolf Hologram” album just less than a year ago, I was left with mixed feelings. On one hand, I felt Ecid was an entirely unique artist with an exceptional talent on the beat-making side of things, but I thought his voice and personality on the mic was strongly lacking. Ecid is gearing up for a big year with a new album and a series of EPs in store, his first project, “Post Euphoria EP (Vol. 1)” marks a strong improvement from his previous work.

Again, Ecid’s production is phenomenal throughout the EP – blending synthesizers and chopped up samples over hard-hitting drums. Listeners who do not enjoy his bizarre lyrics and vocal delivery, will still enjoy the beats on this EP. Tracks like “Kum & Go” and “Dream Boat” have chopped up samples that you expect from a boom bap record, while “2Pac Cobain” and “Insomniac By Choice” feature a symphony of synthesizers.

Lyrically Ecid has shown some improvement since “Werewolf Hologram,” and there seem to be a lot less clunky one-liners and forced wordplay on “Phost Euphoria.” Also his voice seems to be a lot less grating over the 6-track EP than on a full LP. Like his previous work he addresses some interesting subject matter, such as the stand-out closing track “Akmude Sallam (2013).” On the dark finale, he raps about an immigrant, who traveled to America to escape the plight of his former country in the Middle East, and vowed to raise enough money to bring his family to the states.

Like his previous work, “Post Euphoria” is sure to divide listeners. Fans of Ecid are sure to love this project, and it probably won’t change the minds of people who don’t enjoy his music. As for people who are on the fence about Ecid, like myself, this project will likely sway them in favor of him than previous releases.

Ecid :: Post Euphoria Vol. 1
7.5Overall Score