Who would have ever thought that in 2019 we’d not only be getting brand new homebrew games for Atari 7800, but they’d be JUST AS GOOD (if not better) than comparable homebrew games for NES? Mega Maniacs I present to you “Rikki & Vikki” from Osman Celimli, also known as @TailChao on Twitter. I first discovered this game on the AtariAge.com message boards, and once I saw how it looked and the amount of effort going into its release (custom chip inside the game to enhance the quality, release comes complete in box with cartridge, manual, and even a warranty), I knew I had to pick it up and play it for myself. That’s exactly what this video is!

I unbox the game to show it off, then show you some footage of the game in action on my vintage 7800. Please keep in mind you need an actual 7800 controller with two buttons (the original or the Euro style NES pad) so if you have a joystick plugged into yours for Atari 2600 games you’ll have to swap it out. Subscribe to mmf187 to be one of the Mega Maniacs, like and comment on the video because engagement always helps, and if you’re extra awesome you can hit the bell to be notified when new videos go live. IN ADDITION here are some links for you to check out the game and pick up a copy!

* Osman Celimli: http://twitter.com/tailchao
* PenguiNET: http://www.penguinet.net/Games/Rikki_Vikki/