Recently I posed a question on Retro Hunting Adventures as to whether or not Wii U should be considered “retro” since it has been discontinued and replaced by Nintendo Switch. Most people argued in the comments that it was still too new to be retro and since it came out in this decade (November 2012) I see their point. The PlayStation 3 however launched in November 2006 so we’re talking about a system well over a decade old and into its teens. The fun side of collecting PS3 games is that they are plentiful and affordable! All six games in this video cost me $15 total.

The down side of collecting PS3 games is that patches and updates are still supported which can mean VERY LONG DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL DELAYS. I’ve condensed what took me well over 40 minutes to do into an 8 minute video, with Gran Turismo 5 being the worst offender of them all. Seriously — this game nearly choked out my hard drive with its massive size! So what do you all think? Is the PS3 “retro” to you and if so is it worth the hassles that come with post-release updates? After this I was ready to go back to PS2 and GameCube games and say f**k the downloads!

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