Sega was a little, shall we say, BUTT HURT by Rare’s entry into pre rendered 3D graphics with Donkey Kong Country over on the SNES. How did they respond? By getting BlueSky Software to create their own 3D rendered game called Vectorman, with the name itself being a potshot at raster graphics! Weirdly this game came so late in the console’s life that (1.) It featured a cardboard sleeve box instead of a plastic clam shell and (2.) It promoted a contest to win a SEGA SATURN.

This was a weird time in the history of the Genesis/Mega Drive but it didn’t stop Vectorman from being an incredibly fun multi-directional (but often left to right) scrolling platforming and shooting game where you’re goal is to clean up planet Earth AND stop the evil orbot WarHead!! Subscribe to mmf187 if you’re not already a Mega Maniac so that you never miss new episodes of Genesis Does every week at 8 PM ET, 7 Central.