I’m going to keep it short and simple. After nearly 20 years online, the webhosting costs for RapReviews.com have increased significantly, while the available ad revenue for niche websites has decreased significantly. Sponsored content and banner ads have been able to make up the shortfall for a while, but that only works to a point. Currently we average about $40-$50 a month in ad revenue and spend $100 a month on hosting alone.

I’ve relaunched the Patreon as of November 29, 2019 with all tiers except “$1 a month” deleted. I’ve also negotiated a new price for hosting of $70 a month for the short term. What I’m looking for right now is at least 80-100 people willing to spend what a single cup of coffee costs per month to keep this site running. Keep in mind Patreon cuts into your pledges so we’ll need at least that amount at $1 per person to reach our goal. The more people who pledge more than the minimum, the more secure our future can be.

Unless this Patreon reaches those goals, RR is going to be in a serious financial bind. We had a webhosting partner who was splitting the monthly bill with us because he shared the server to host all of his own sites, but he recently informed the hosting company (without telling me, grumble grumble) that he was abandoning all of his websites and not paying his half any more. That’s why we have to revamp and relaunch the Patreon today and right now. As Jadakiss would say, the time is up, the time is over.

I realize it’s not easy to commit to funding any website or Patreon account. I’m just like you when it comes to free websites saying “hey we are community funded and we need your help” – I click that X button and I’m on my way. You obviously can’t support every site or every project or your wallet would be drained on a monthly basis. If RapReviews.com means something to you though after 20 years and over 8,000 reviews (not to mention many more interviews, articles and editorials) consider supporting us for at least $1 a month. Thank you.