If you follow popular outlets like Vlad TV, you’ve probably heard people repeat the phrase – rap is the most popular genre. And, it is. It’s been for a while now, probably for the last two decades.

And, a big part of hip-hop culture has always been the bling-bling. You can’t be a successful rapper without a nice chain around your neck and a few fat rings around your fingers, right? Having money and showing it off is part of the lifestyle. But do they all earn it through music, or are there extra-curriculum activities involved?

It’s no surprise that the biggest stars like sitting at a table and have luck earning them dough. Many have even moved on to playing on their phone. Online casinos are huge today, and with perks like free spins, bonus rounds, and progressive jackpots, why wouldn’t they be? They even reward you if you’re a frequent customer through loyalty programs. Just have a look at this online casino and find out for yourself.

But let’s get down to business and find out who lady luck favors.

Jay Z

Having a lot of money sure is a great thing, especially when you can afford to lose half a million in a single hand of poker. This is what happened one night in Vegas to Mr. Shawn Carter, aka Jay Z. If you didn’t know, Jay is a big poker fanatic, along with being the founder of a rap label, clothing line and a certified sports agent.

So, while he has been known to lose at the tables, don’t go worrying too much about Jay, his fortune is estimated at $500 million, so we’re sure he’ll manage.


Often identified by casuals by the band-aid he wears on his left cheek, Nelly has had a very successful career. Apparently, he’s made over $60 million throughout the years and has a lot to show for his hard work.

Nelly is also a prolific gambler and poker fan. He used to be a regular on the PokerStars European Tour circuit and has taken part in the World Series of Poker. He can be often be seen playing at casinos, including a recent TMZ video of him having an altercation with a pit boss during a hand of poker.

50 Cent

Although “Fiddy” has been seen in a casino or two, his true passion lays in sports betting. One of his most famous risks was when the Giants beat the 49ers for a profit of half a million in “Fiddy’s” pocket. He then took the winnings and bet it all on the Giants again. With a 21-17 win, they made him an even richer man.

He is also known for his love of the sweet science and his big bets on the sport. During an interview in 2015, he announced that he would be betting $1.6 million on Mayweather to beat Pacquiao. Then, the two would be involved in a still-ongoing beef, with “Fiddy” at one point trying to bet Floyd $750.000 that he couldn’t read.