Though all instruments are very challenging to master, the violin is one of the toughest ones to learn. With the vast amount of techniques needed in order to gracefully play the violin, it takes an individual many years of practice and guidance to become proficient in such. In comparison to its other string counterparts, the violin requires more physicality and method when performing a piece. The list goes on, but here are a few reasons why the violin is the most difficult string instrument to play and learn:

  1. Playing the violin requires precision. That being said, it takes months of practice for a beginner before they are able to carry out decent tones. As it has no frets, it is very hard to hit the accurate notes. Unlike instruments like the guitar, it is unlikely to start learning the violin by means of understanding basic chords.
  2. It could be frustrating when you first start using the bow. When playing the guitar, you often produce the note corresponding to the string you strum or pluck. When you strike a string on the violin with a bow, you may not attain the tone you desire and you will hear a squeak-like or screeching sound.
  3. Posture is a must when playing the violin. For other string instruments like the cello, you may perform sitting down while the instrument leans against you. Even the guitar can be played loosely while seated. On the other hand, the violin is typically performed standing up while it rests under your chin and on your shoulder.
  4. Unlike its other string counterparts, the violin does not produce the deep or mellow tones. A player encounters higher notes which requires more techniques involving the bow and fingers. Its sound is also very conspicuous during performances even as it is being played amongst an ensemble or orchestra.
  5. It takes a lot of patience to master the violin! Especially for a beginner, it can be very frustrating to learn the violin as it is challenging to familiarize oneself with the instrument and even more arduous to hit the right notes without a guide or basis on its board. Not to mention, it screeches when you don’t properly strike the bow!

Despite the challenge of playing and learning the violin, these reasons should not discourage anyone from pursuing this wonderful instrument. It may take a lot of time to master the violin, but it is surely a fulfilling and impactful experience.