Like a great many of you I have extra time to spend at home during the coronavirus pandemic, so I’ve been rewiring consoles and doing a lot of reorganizing in my game room. While I was doing so it dawned on me that there ought to be a wireless controller for the Super Nintendo Classic (SNES Mini) so that I don’t have to run extension cables from one end of the room to the other, and as it turns out THERE IS!

I picked this one up from Amazon for $24.99 + tax and shipping (your cost may vary) and decided to unbox it, plug it in to charge, and test it out live in this quick video. Despite the lack of a home menu button like a Wii classic controller (which is compatible with both the NES and SNES Mini due to having the same plug), you can get back to the menu at any time simply by pressing down and select together. Fantastic! That’s one less cable taking up real estate on my floor. Subscribe to Mistah MegaManFan (mmf187) for more content every evening at 8 PM ET.