This is the Neo Geo Mini! MadLittlePixel shared a deal through his community tab on YouTube that Amazon was blowing out the “international” edition for $30, and I couldn’t resist it at that price. Now keep in mind it doesn’t come with a lot of things — you get no power brick, no micro HDMI cable, and no additional controller wireless or otherwise. If you just want a desk toy, it’s still a good deal at $30, but if you intend to hook it up to a television and use it at a distance you’ll need the Mayflash Magic NS.

Maybe you already have the cables and power supplies from other consoles (I did) so if you only need the Mayflash you can do a remote setup for under $60. So check out the video, decide for yourself, and watch for another sale in the future! I also show off some recent pickups from Pop Culture Exchange since this is Retro Hunting Adventures, and by the way new episodes of RHA air every Monday at 8 PM ET, 7 Central. Subscribe and you’ll never miss a show. Your likes, comments and shares are appreciated Thanks for watching!