Welcome back to Genesis Does! This week’s game is Bad Omen, a Japanese region exclusive title that is (oddly enough) a SEQUEL to a GAME GEAR game! If you’ve played Devilish you will already be familiar with the concept — one that could only be dreamed up by a video game designer — a prince and a princess are turned into STONE PADDLES by a JEALOUS DEMON. Suddenly a blue orb appears! The blue orb has the ability to wield the stone paddles to banish the demons that have conquered the land.

Give this game a try if you like games like Arkanoid or Kirby’s Block Ball and you might be pleasantly surprised, but be warned it will not be a cheap import game if you decide to buy it! Subscribe to Mistah MegaManFan for new episodes of Genesis Does every Thursday at 8 PM ET. Like, share and comment to help the channel grow. As always thanks for watching!