Today we’re looking at Hyper Marbles on Genesis Does, a game exclusively for the Sega Mega Modem in Japan, one which never saw a physical cartridge release of any kind. What is the Mega Modem though? It’s a precursor to the Sega Channel. What was the Sega Channel? A broadband cable modem that allowed you to grab games from your cable provider and play them for a limited time (they disappeared when you powered off the console). In that same respect Mega Modem games, although much smaller due to dial up limitations, were meant to be enjoyed the same way — download them, play them for a while, then move on.

Perhaps this is not only a precursor to the Sega Channel but to the quick and simple games we play on mobile devices like our cell phones today! In fact it wouldn’t be hard to port Hyper Marbles to a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone, but if I did I’d license the trademark BATTLEBOTS and call it that instead. Subscribe to Mistah MegaManFan for new episodes of Genesis Does every Thursday at 8 PM ET! Like, share and comment to help our channel grow. As always thanks for watching!