You may see quantities come and go throughout the day, but Nintendo has promised to keep making more of them until March 31st of next year, so the scalpers can all kick rocks. If you’re patient Best Buy restocks frequently, but I’m sure all the other major retailers will as well. In this video I unbox the Game & Watch, give you an overview of all the buttons and features, and sum up my overall impressions of the device.

The truth is we all have a million ways to play Super Mario Bros. at this point, but considering I’ve never owned a Game & Watch in my life, it’s pretty cool to have one in 2020 for less than what most vintage ones sell for, with a brighter screen and a more fun game to play! I can definitely see slipping this in my pocket and taking it out for a quick session while waiting in line somewhere like at the post office, or keeping it on the night stand for a quick fix instead of turning on the Switch and going through multiple menus. Subscribe to Mistah MegaManFan for more daily gaming content, like share and comment to help the channel out. Thanks for watching!