Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is a game shrouded in mystery. The fourth best selling Sega Genesis game of all time, it’s a game famous for being too large for cartridge sizes of the era, forcing the developers to split it into TWO games, the other being Sonic & Knuckles. To experience the full game you need to use the “lock on technology” of putting Sonic 3 into the top of Sonic & Knuckles, a feature which can also be used in a more limited way with Sonic 2 to add Knuckles to that game.

Despite being one of the biggest, baddest and best Sonic adventures to date, the game may be more better known in the 21st century for alleged musical contributions by Michael Jackson, which sound hounds and game sleuths have attempted to prove or disprove many times through research and interviews. Subscribe to Mistah MegaManFan for new episodes of Genesis Does every Thursday at 8 PM ET. Like, share and comment to help the channel grow. Thanks for watching!