Compiling this list was harder than I thought it would be. Even though 2 Live Crew was incredibly popular when I was a teenager, a lot of their most popular material was too sexually explicit for even cable television shows like Yo! MTV Raps, let alone basic over-the-air broadcast channels. That was of course the gimmick. They were “Banned in the USA” and reveled in the controversy as they sold millions upon millions of albums. To help reach the goalpost of ten videos I’ve decided to include Uncle Luke a/k/a Luther Campbell as a soloist One last note before we get started — another heartfelt R.I.P. to Fresh Kid Ice — gone but not forgotten.

1.) 2 Live Crew – “Me So Horny”

2.) 2 Live Crew – “Banned in the USA”

3.) Luke f/ No Good But So Good – “Raise the Roof”

4.) 2 Live Crew – “Hoochie Mama”

5.) Luke – “It’s Your Birthday”

6.) 2 Live Crew – “Get It Girl (Live)”

7.) 2 Live Crew – “Face Down, Ass Up (Live)”

8.) 2 Live Crew – “Do Wah Diddy”

9.) 2 Live Crew – “Shake a Lil’ Somethin'”

10.) Luke – “I Wanna Rock (Live)”