Moto Roader MC is a port by Ratalaika Games ( of a later era PC Engine CD ROM game by NCS from 1992, the third in the Moto Roader series on the console. Up to five players can compete on any of 25 tracks (five courses with five each), making this a robust multi-player option if you have the PC Engine equivalent of a Turbo Tap, or if you have five controllers for the modern port played here (via PS5).

That’s expensive to wrangle but the game itself is a value at only $6.99 + tax, and I’m glad of it given that it’s a very hard game to control and getting good at is going to take quite some time! Previous experience with the arcade game Super Sprint may help, but so would having those gigantic steering wheels that Super Spring has. Subscribe to Mistah MegaManFan for new content daily!