Subscribe to Mistah MegaManFan if you like this video and want more content daily. Today we’re looking at the Taito Egret Mini II, a unique miniature arcade console that has a screen you can pop up to rotate the display horizontally or vertically!

The good news and the bad news — the base price is approximately $160 US before shipping, and about $200 combined with the cheapest option to import it from Japan. On the plus side though that’s far cheaper than the bundles being offered by Strictly Limited Games (no offense to them I’m just a cheapskate). If you want the additional 10 games that use the trackball and rotary controller you have to buy that bundle separately (another $100) so I opted out on it for now but may pick it up later. If you already have the Astro City Mini USB control pad, it is compatible with this device!

My personal recommended way to play this system is with HDMI out and the Astro City Mini pad plugged in. It’s perfectly playable as is on the console, although the joystick doesn’t have the “clicky” micro switch feel that I would have expected at this price. On the whole though it’s worth it at the price point I paid, but it’s just about pushing the boundary of what a fan of these systems should expect to spend, and probably only justifiable for the fact you can rotate the screen on the fly. Thanks for watching!