Dec. 6, 2006: “Why does Syphon Filter fail on PS3? I just bought Syphon Filter for and now this game won’t install on PS3 at all. It’s so frustrating! Technical details: PlayStation Portable (PSP) running system software version 3.02, a 20 GB (fat) PS3 running 1.30. $5.99 spent on Syphon Filter via the online store using money already loaded into the wallet. Step one, install the game license – success.”

“Step two, download the PSOne game – long and tedious so we fade to black and return at 97%. Step three, install the game – error code 80029564. My PSP has a 1 GB Memory Stick Duo with 818 MB free so space was not the issue, and the unit was turned on and synced to the PS3 via the provided USB cable so that was not the issue.”