Hip hop, which is also known as rap music, is a multifaceted form of entertainment. The first time it was unleashed to the world, it included dancing, rapping, and deejaying. This cultural movement became a wildfire in the 1980s and 1990s. Rappers created songs about almost everything in America during that period. At that point, the artists drew inspiration from contemporary issues that rocked their society. This made them produce songs about school, teenage pregnancy, and so on.

The ironic part was that most of these artists were dropouts; they believed that the school system was not a sure way of escaping the projects they were stuck in. The irony was that they still advised the young generation to go back to school, go to college, and get educated.

1. J.Cole – School Daze

This song would give you goosebumps because its content sinks so deep that you cannot fight off the feelings. It is so relatable. J.cole contemplates education and talks about his days as a college boy. The rap summary is his description of the education system in the ghetto.

2. Fashawn ft Aloe Blacc and Devoya Maya – Hey, Young World!

Fashawn has created an indelible legacy in the rap game. His lyrics are deep and inspiring, settling on solid beats. He describes a struggling but persistent student, who doesn’t want to give up. Even though there isn’t enough money to pay the tuition, there is always a way out of a difficult situation. For example, taking on a job. The author tries to convey the idea that the world is open to those who are willing to do something for success. The song genuinely deserves to be on the list of top rap songs about college to listen to.

3. De La Soul – Jenifa Taught Me

The De La Soul is a rap group from New York; they have been in the game since 1988 until now. They are masters of alternative hip-hop and jazz rap. “Jenifa Taught Me” is a love song that takes its setting in a university environment, making it a typical romance title. It is a relatable experience expressed in the best way. A lot of kids vibed to the tune.

4. Kristoff Krane – Student Body

With amazing wit and impeccable wordplay, Kristoff Kane brings us into the matter between a student and a teacher. The lyrics feel almost spontaneous and easy, but there is also a balance that cannot be refuted. The song is a conversation between Kriss and the teacher.

5. Freddie Mummix – First Day of College

The title gives it all away; you don’t need to second guess. This song hints at romance and the difficulties students face in school. The song also brings to light the efforts required in school and the challenges. One would say the lyrics do justice to every college-related issue.

6. J.Cole – Home for the Holidays

Well, J.cole made a list with two jams. As one of the most intellectual artists, he uses his work to influence his listeners as much as possible. “Home for the Holidays” is a song made from the point of nostalgia. He is redolent of coming home from the university, and describes his studying experience.

The lyrics sit on an amazingly active and up-tempo beat produced by the artist himself.

7. Apathy – School

Each verse is a stone that aims at killing a particular bird. Apathy takes on two alter egos that manifest in each verse. The first character is an arrogant figure called Jeff. The second verse concentrates on Jay, a partygoer preyed upon by Jeff, and the final verse brings the two characters onto the stage. The ability of the artist to tell a story makes this a phenomenal song about the school- related experience.

8. Nas – I Can

This jam is not just about acquiring a degree or a diploma. It preaches the American dream. It simply tells the youths and younger generation that they are capable of being whatsoever they want to be. The strong lyrics capture the listener on the first play and plant a message deep in the listener’s mind. The optimistic songwriting tells the youths that it is a positive thing to be educated; coming from the well-respected Nas, this has stirred positivity amongst youths.

9. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – Parents Just Don’t Understand

One of the most relatable things is the first day at school. The legendary Will Smith gave us this spectacular jam in his days as the Fresh Prince. It describes the struggle kids face all around the world. Talking about fashion choices and how parents would not get the problems of college students.


Studying in high school or in college is considered to be one of the brightest, most interesting and exciting periods in a person’s life. It is the time for crazy adventures, difficult choices, wonderful positive and negative experiences. It is probably one of the most emotional parts of life. There is no wonder that it makes people create songs about this time. Many artists have found inspiration in the topic. They sing about their feelings, ideas, problems and worries. Being an essential part of social life the theme is extremely relevant.

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Melanie Patterson is an education expert and a blogger who also works as a writer for PapersOwl. Being a socially active person, Melanie uses her media platform to raise awareness over the most important social issues. Since she is an educator and a keen music lover, her compilation of the top hip hop songs is a wonderful addition to the playlist.