As a rap artist, getting your music heard by a wider audience can be a daunting task. The challenges of territorialism, intense competition, and complex logistics can quickly become overwhelming, making it difficult to gain exposure and achieve commercial success. However, with the rise of digital music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and SoundCloud, there is a growing opportunity for rap artists to reach a larger audience and gain traction in the industry. Navigating these challenges in the music industry can be daunting for rap artists, but with the help of an experienced PR agency, they can overcome these obstacles and gain more recognition as artists.

PR agencies can help rap artists with media coverage, branding, and developing a social media strategy, which are all critical to achieving success. As a branch of Ascend Agency, an award-winning PR company, and Ascend Publishing Group (APG), Ascend Music is a PR agency that has also quickly revolutionized how rappers and other artists get their music out to the public.

Many industry experts agree that effective PR is crucial to achieving success in the music industry, which Jonathan Jadali, CEO of Ascend Music, takes to heart. The company’s multi-pronged approach has organically landed many of its artists on the top rap charts. Brauch Owens is the CMO at Ascend Music, and he and his team have a track record of landing their clients on popular rap playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and SoundCloud, which can drive substantial streams and downloads.

Owens, Jadali, and the team at Ascend Music have also previously landed their artists on editorial playlist placements on Spotify and Apple Music. The company has relationships with key players in the industry and has helped many of its rappers land their singles on highly-coveted editorial playlists. These playlists are curated by the platforms themselves and are seen by millions of users, making them a valuable opportunity for artists to reach a larger audience.

In addition to its PR services, Ascend Music offers distribution services to help its rap artists release their music on various digital platforms. The company helps rap artists navigate the complex world of music distribution, ensuring their music is available on all major platforms. These services have led to Ascend doing 2.5 million dollars in revenue in its first year, culminating in it tripling this number in year two to reach 7.5 million dollars in revenue.

PR is essential to any music artist’s success, and Ascend Music understands this. With the latest marketing techniques and strategies, the agency helps its clients gain exposure and build a dedicated fan base. In addition to helping with social media presence and other typical PR strategies, they also help with Spotify playlisting services, charting, and handling distribution on their artists’ behalf. Partnering with a PR agency like Ascend Music can help rap artists build their brands, increase their visibility, and reach a wider audience.