The US entertainment industry has been home to some globally renowned talents. The music industry, in particular, has given birth to some widely-celebrated talents, from RnB sensational Chris Brown to Lil Wayne, the king of hip-hop, among many others. These talents are spread across the US, with various states, such as New Jersey, leading the pack. For years now, New Jersey has been home to some of the most exciting and promising talents in the music industry. There are numerous top names you can mention, from Springsteen to Edison, among others.

Former athlete turned recording artist iThump is one of the names you must watch out for. He’s an incredibly talented musician paving space in the highly-competitive music industry. iThump was born and raised in Paterson, NJ, and after years of trying his luck as an athlete, he transitioned into the music industry, a dream many have sought but so few can accomplish.

iThump Is building its brand as a singer-songwriter and rapper with an authentic sound. His classical style of music is evident in his debut single, “Ball Like Woah”, which he released in 2015. The single was a classical work of art that announced iThump’s presence in the industry. “Ball Like Woah” yielded over 1 million streams; ever since then, iThump has gained well over 5 million streams across all platforms.

Looking to take his talents to the next level while flexing his entrepreneurial muscle, Thump currently records out of his own studio, where his latest project Come Outside was constructed. Revisiting the project, iThump has shared a brand new visual for the Ill Will Beatz-produced cut, “Pain”. The video, filmed by Bruno Aponte and directed by iThump, finds him lamenting about deep betrayal and, ultimately, persevering.

The music industry is competitive with numerous hurdles that certainly put hundreds off the equation. Talent is essential, but what matters is the originality and undying desire to become the in the game. This includes facing and overcoming any challenges and keeping your dreams alive. iThump’s biggest challenges were waking up every morning not being where he wanted to be while constantly having to remind himself that things will happen when they are meant to happen. This demanded learning and mastering patience while working to become the best version of himself every day.

iThump now encourages others to invest heavily in understanding their purpose and finding their reason, then put a plan together and stick to it no matter what. He further advises that you shouldn’t let anybody tell you what you can’t do. Instead, surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will challenge and push you to put in the extra effort and work hard daily. Remember, the biggest challenge is always getting started, as only some will believe in your potential. Nevertheless, ignore critics who have nothing valuable to offer.

The future is undoubtedly promising for iThump, who envisions expanding his
musical brand into the international and global scene. He envisions himself growing
his label into one of the biggest labels in the world and possibly transitioning into
other sectors outside music such as the entertainment scene with features in the film
industry, sports, and schools. iThump also promises his fan base unlimited classic
music coming their way. This includes working closely and collaborating with other
talented artists nationwide.