Facing trials and tribulations is often considered an essential part of the journey to success. However, how you handle the challenges life pushes your way determines how you emerge on the other side. Most often, your passion for something you love doing outshines these difficulties and leads you to victory. That’s the story of DJ Tygga Ty, whose passion for his art and persistence helped him overcome all the hurdles in his path.

Tyshon Davis, popularly known by his stage name DJ Tygga Ty, is one of the biggest acts in the entertainment industry. His passion for music has turned him from a local disk jockey to an internationally acclaimed DJ and media personality. Apart from being a DJ, Tygga Ty is also a master of ceremonies, gracing events with music and mastery.

DJ Tygga Ty began his journey in music at a young age, doing promotions as a DJ for The Point while in college. This was the beginning of the success story of a DJ who is fast becoming a household and international name. However, his prowess as a DJ reached new heights when he transitioned to being a radio DJ. DJ Tygga Ty is a champion of the popular Caribbean music genre, Dancehall, Soca, and Reggae, playing for one of the top stations in Rochester, New York, The Beat 105.5FM. His prowess earned him the #1 rating spot in Upstate New York for Hip-hop, Reggae, and R&B ratings.

However, his journey as a DJ has been full of challenges and trials. When he entered the entertainment industry with little experience, battling against veteran DJs was one of his challenges. Being young, armed with skills and passion but without any prior experience, was something DJ Tygga Ty had to work on. He had to push boundaries and put in consistent effort and dedication to stay afloat in the scene.

However, DJ Tygga Ty notes that his biggest challenge in the entertainment industry was transitioning from being a local DJ to a radio DJ. He had no radio experience and knew little about being a radio DJ. However, this did not stop him in his pursuit of success. Through years of hard work, he quickly became the number-one radio DJ in the market. He notes that it took five years of dedication, perseverance, and hard work, but he remained consistent and learned from his mistakes.

“Nothing happens overnight. If you want to do something, you must apply yourself without giving up,” notes DJ Tygga Ty. He adds that you will fail multiple times. However, you should take each failure as a lesson and stepping stone to teach you and help you become better. DJ Tygga Ty is proof that you can start from scratch without experience, venture into a new world, and succeed. On top of his numerous achievements, DJ Tygga Ty is a member of the international Da Union DJ crew. In addition, he has performed as the opening act for many well-known celebrities and at numerous international music festivals.

Despite the initial challenges he faced, DJ Tygga Ty focuses daily on making himself a household name. He aims to play on bigger radio stations as an international DJ and also wants to discover new talents and introduce them to the world. Check out DJ Tygga Ty on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.