The best thing about “Skinny Wit the Zoo” is that it’s only 17 minutes long.

“Bling Blaow” might be the worst song I’ve listened to all year. Every rapper from the stars to the featured guests have their vocals so heavily modulated as to be completely unintelligible, the production is so poorly mastered that my speaks distort even with the bass turned off, and the melody is just awful. “Bling Bling” was a good catch phrase for B.G. “Bling Blaow” is a bad catch phrase for ANYONE. Unfortunately all of the songs on this album are equally bad, but thankfully there are only five others to suffer through.

So who is Skinnyfromthe9 anyway? He’s either a rapper or a singer from Somerville, New Jersey. Google can’t decide, his own Wikipedia says both, but based on the contents of this release I’m going with the latter. Being from Jerz is probably how he hooked up with Fetty Wap, since his cohort on this short release hails from Paterson. Respect to him for linking with an artist from around the way, but Wap is the more interesting man of the two and this collaboration only drags him down. The tuned up sound of songs like “Hand in My Bag” and “Gang” does nothing to help the tired topics of making money, spending money, all their haters and all the scheming hoes. All the mix does is make the two interchangeable, even on a song where all Fetty Wap provides is the hook.

Should you avoid “Skinny Wit the Zoo?” Absolutely. Is there any song on here that stands out as worthwhile? Nope. Does this collaboration do anything to benefit either man on it? Nah dog. Not in the slightest.

Skinnyfromthe9 & Fetty Wap :: Skinny Wit the Zoo
2Overall Score